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  *弄* | 弄* | *弄
lane / alley
  *弄* | 弄* | *弄
to do / to manage / to handle / to play with / to fool with / to mess with / to fix / to toy with
  *弄* | 弄* | *弄
old variant of
  *弄* | 弄* | *弄
variant of
to play with / to toy with / to dally with / to engage in / to resort to
to move back and forth / to fiddle with
to fool / to deceive / to go through the motions
to play tricks on / to make fun of / to tease
to tease
to show off / to make a display of
to tease / to poke fun at / to make fun of
lanes and alleys / neighborhood / lane neighborhoods in parts of Shanghai, with modified Chinese courtyard houses, occupied by single families in the 1930s, now crowded with multiple families
to move to and fro (with hand, foot, stick etc) / to fiddle with / to stir up
to look after / to tend (one's crops, garden, livestock, pets etc) / to repair
to play with / to engage in / to resort to / to dally with
to tease / to provoke / to play with (a child, animal etc)
to manipulate / manipulation
to tease / to play tricks on
to wave / to brandish
to move (things around) / to buy and sell at a profit (derog.)
alley / lane
to make a fool out of / to fool / to dupe
to fool around with / to mess with
to flaunt / to show off
to tease / to make fun of / to provoke / to stir up (trouble)
to fool / to deceive / to go through the motions
to fiddle with / to play and move sth about / to show off (what one can do) / to parade (one's capabilities) / to cause trouble
to fool / to deceive
to incite / to provoke / to tease
to order people about / to stir up / to sow discord
to play with / to finger
(old) to deflorate a prostitute
to show off / to flaunt
to play around with / to fidget / to fondle
to move back and forward / to trade
to fool / to deceive
(dialect) to mix / to stir / to make trouble
to mock / to bully and insult

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