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  *廝* | 廝* | *廝
(bound form) together; each other / (bound form) male servant / (bound form) dude; so-and-so (used in 那廝|那厮 and 這廝|这厮)
(literary) underage male servant
this so-and-so
to fight at close quarters; to fight tooth and nail
that so-and-so
to stay together; to rely on one another
(derog.) to hang out (with sb) / to mix (things) together
lit. to play together ear to ear and temple to temple (idiom) / fig. (of a boy and a girl) to play together often during childhood
to come to blows; to tussle
to pester
small gong
to come to blows; to fight; to tussle
familiar with one another

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