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to become invalid / to cancel / to delete / to nullify
  *废* | 废* | *废
to abolish / to abandon / to abrogate / to discard / to depose / to oust / crippled / abandoned / waste
  *废* | 废* | *废
variant of 廢|废 / disabled
to scrap / to be written off
decadent / dispirited / depressed / dejected
to abandon (cultivated fields) / no longer cultivated / to lie waste / wasted / to neglect (one's work or study)
to give up halfway (idiom); leave sth unfinished
deformity / handicapped
three types of waste product, namely: waste water 廢水|废水, exhaust gas 廢氣|废气, industrial slag 廢渣|废渣
to give unequal emphasis to / doing some things at the expense of others
planned obsolescence
planned obsolescence
(Tw) (slang) to pass time idly / to chill / to hang out
to neglect (work) / to waste (one's talents)
to go to pot (idiom)
(coll.) spineless coward / wimp / a good-for-nothing
to evade (repayment of debts)

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