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government / CL: 個|个
Heavenly province (epithet of Sichuan, esp. area around Chengdu) / land of plenty
  *府* | 府* | *府
seat of government / government repository (archive) / official residence / mansion / presidential palace / (honorific) Your home / prefecture (from Tang to Qing times)
Washington, D.C. / the US federal government
county administration / county regional government
capital city of an autonomous region
Minor Treasurer in imperial China, one of the Nine Ministers 九卿
educational establishment
hell / the nether world / Hades
yuefu (Chinese style of lyric poetry)
prince's mansion
prefectural magistrate (during Tang to Qing times)
authorities / feudal official
Xinfu district of Xinzhou city 忻州市, Shanxi
presidential palace
subtle / shrewd / sophisticated
Dongchangfu district of Liaocheng city 聊城市, Shandong
coalition government
anti-government (protest)
cave dwelling / legendary abode of immortals
Hong Kong government
Kaifeng as the capital of Northern Song dynasty
provisional government
Nationalist government 1920s-1949 under Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石|蒋介石
Qing government (1644-1911)
county government
netherworld / Kingdom of the Underworld / Hades
Ōsaka prefecture
to go home (in a ceremonial procession) / to return home
Kyōto prefecture in central Japan
military government
your home (honorific)
(orig.) tents forming the offices of a commanding officer / administration of a military government / (medieval Japan) "bakufu", administration of the shogun
Imperial Household Department (in Qing dynasty)
the Warlord government of Northern China that developed from the Qing Beiyang army 北洋軍閥|北洋军阀 after the Xinhai revolution of 1911
British colonial administration of Hong Kong 1837-1941 and 1945-1997
deep state
government post in Han dynasty
underworld / hell
Manchurian Qing government
open and candid (idiom); not hiding anything / ingenuous
Kamakura bakufu 1192-1333, the first Japanese samurai shogunate
state government
federal government
the official residence of Confucius' descendants at Qufu 曲阜, Shandong
subtle way of thinking (idiom); hard to fathom / deep and shrewd
Ivy League school
Japanese colonial administration of Korea 1910-1945
Tainan Prefecture, a prefecture of Taiwan under Qing rule
Muromachi bakufu, the feudal government of Japan (1338-1573) under the Ashikaga shoguns
city hall / city government
Chonburi province of east Thailand
central government
people's government
government in exile (e.g. of Tibet)
abyss / imposing dwellings and spacious courtyard / your residence / deep pool

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