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  *底* | 底* | *底
background / bottom / base / end (of the month, year etc) / remnants / (math.) radix / base
thorough / thoroughly / complete
  *底* | 底* | *底
(equivalent to as possessive particle)
end of the month
the end of the year / year-end
finally / in the end / when all is said and done / after all / to the end / to the last
ground or first floor / bottom (of a pile) / lowest rung (of society)
the location below sth / afterwards
base / pedestal / foundation
seabed / seafloor / bottom of the ocean
Loudi prefecture-level city in Hunan
to fill sb in (on the details of sth) / to put all one's cards on the table
to lay a foundation (also fig.) / to make a first sketch / to eat sth before drinking / to apply an undercoat
to hide (as an undercover agent) / an insider (in a gang of thieves) / a mole
training in the basic skills / knowledge of the fundamentals
to underline / bottom line / base line (in sports) / baseline / minimum / spy / plant
to break even / to guarantee a minimum (salary etc)
radix / base (math.)
to have a clear view (of a situation) / to fish for information / fact-finding
inside information / concrete details
basic salary / base pay / salary floor
lung capacity / lung power / stamina / confidence
sole (of a shoe)
flat bottomed / low heeled
Haidilao (aka Hai Di Lao), hot pot restaurant chain founded in Sichuan in 1994
in the final analysis / in the end
in the final analysis / ultimately
answer to a riddle
to put sth on the bottom / to eat sth to tide oneself over until mealtime / to lay the foundation / to come last in the rankings
Loudi prefecture-level city in Hunan
frying pan
Detroit, Michigan
soles of the feet
base / foundation / bottom
after all / in the final analysis / ultimately
family property / patrimony
the back cover of a book
privately / secretly / confidentially
cards in one's hand / (fig.) undisclosed strength or information / hidden trump
unsure / uncertain / unending
base (of a triangle) / base line / hem line (of skirt)
the frog at the bottom of the well (idiom) / fig. a person of limited outlook and experience
in this world / under the sun
oil sump
bottom / bottom side / end part
Normandy, France
bottom valve / foot valve
to reveal / to expose
platform shoes
(literary) to quell an insurgency / (Tw) to settle (a matter)
hysteria (loanword) / hysterical
to dig up roots and inquire at the base (idiom); to get to the bottom of sth
Socrates (469-399 BC), Greek philosopher / José Sócrates (1957-), prime minister of Portugal (2005-2011)
ordinary members of theatrical troupe
negative / photographic plate
shop fittings
water so clear you can see the bottom
utter failure
bottomless pit
in front of one's eyes
so deep one cannot see to the bottom / limitless
bottom of one's heart
base number (of a tender) / starting price (for auction)
to reveal the inside story / to expose sb's secrets
to go to the bottom of things (idiom)
criminal record
inside information / the ins and outs of the matter / how things stand / what's up
the bottom of the page
to keep a copy / copy kept for archiving / to put aside a portion (of a money sum)
to take drastic measures to deal with a situation / to pull the carpet from under sb
to take in the whole scene at once / to have a panoramic view
base of the skull
fundus of the eye (containing the choroid, retina, optic nerve etc) / inside the eye / right in front of one's eyes / in full view as a panorama
basilar artery (central artery of the brain)
late last year / the end of last year
(photography) negative / photographic plate / (printing) plate / block
lowest limit / bottom line
valley floor / (fig.) lowest ebb / all-time low
to interrogate and get to the bottom of sth
lower boundary
the Bastille (Paris)
to let out a secret
to get to the heart of the matter
base fertilizer
upside down / upturned
lit. to examine roots and inquire at the base (idiom); to get to the bottom of sth
base ingredient / base (cooking) / primer (paint)
basal cell carcinoma
right in front of sb's eyes / right under sb's nose / current / at the moment
foundation / grounding / background / what lies at the bottom of sth / root / cause
Book of Obadiah
ocean floor / bottom of the ocean
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