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(loanword) humor / humorous
specter / apparition / ghost
ghost / spirit (of the dead)
  *幽* | 幽* | *幽
remote / hidden away / secluded / serene / peaceful / to imprison / in superstition indicates the underworld / ancient district spanning Liaonang and Hebei provinces
faint / indistinct
pylorus (anatomy)
dark / hell / netherworld / hades
(of a location) quiet and secluded / beautiful and secluded
serene and elegant (of a place) / ethereal (of music)
Youzhou, ancient province in north Hebei and Liaoning / Fanyang 範陽|范阳 ancient city near modern Beijing
quiet / secluded / isolated / peaceful
delicate fragrance
Helicobacter pylori (stomach bacterium)
hidden bitterness, secret grudge
serene and hidden in depth or distance
to imprison / to place under house arrest
(of a location) beautiful and tranquil
King You of Zhou (795-771 BC), last king of Western Zhou 西周
Helicobacter pylori (stomach bacterium)
lovers' rendezvous / tryst
deep valley
secluded / quiet and remote / obscure and faraway
moss green / dark sea green
UFO (loanword) / unidentified flying object / space ship
faint / subtle (of sound, scent etc) / profound / mysterious / dim
secluded path
(of a place) isolated and quiet
profound and unfathomable
the hidden and the visible / that which can be seen and that which cannot / darkness and light / night and day / wisdom and ignorance / evil and good / the living and the dead / men and ghosts
Helicobacter pylori (stomach bacterium)
to probe deeply and uncover minute details
(bird species of China) spot-throated babbler (Pellorneum albiventre)
to keep in confinement / to confine
(bird species of China) puff-throated babbler (Pellorneum ruficeps)
Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa. / the opening sentence of Marx and Engels' "Communist Manifesto"
sense of humor

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