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  *幹* | 幹* | *幹
tree trunk / main part of sth / to manage / to work / to do / capable / cadre / to kill (slang) / to fuck (vulgar)
what are you doing? / whatever for? / why on earth?
main line / trunk line
cadre / official / officer / manager
what are you doing? / what's he up to?
administrator / executive secretary
to get rid of
capable / competent
public business / official work
stem cell
tree trunk
diaphysis (long segment of a bone) / fig. backbone
high cadre / top party member
Shinkansen (Japanese high-speed train)
arterial road / main road / main watercourse
trunk / torso
trunk / main / core
capable and experienced
enthusiasm for doing sth
Balkan Peninsula
brain stem
ability / competence
to tie in to
to go all out / to work energetically
to work industriously / to get things done
to bury oneself in work (idiom); to be engrossed in work / to make an all-out effort / up to the neck in work
police / police cadres
to work hard
to adopt confrontational posture / to meet head-on / to compete
crack (troops) / special (forces) / highly capable
(dialect) to come to blows / to have a row
by brute strength / rashly and forcefully / bull-headed / to work tenaciously with no fear of hardship
able and efficient
capable person
to work on one's own / to work single-handed / individual farming
to act rashly / to act precipitously regardless of the consequences / reckless / foolhardy / daredevil
competent / capable
What (noble errand) brings you here? / May I help you? / What can I do for you?
(polite) your business / what brings you?
main stream (of a river)
to work / to be employed
ability / capable
word stem (in linguistics)
intelligent and capable (idiom)
erhua variant of 幹活|干活
sb who gets things done / doer
backbone network
school for cadres / May 7 Cadre School 五七幹校|五七干校
core network
to quarrel (dialect)
trunk line (of road, network etc) / backbone (cable)
ability / capable
to rise through the ranks (as a party cadre)
May 7 Cadre School (forcing educated people into re-education and peasant labor during Cultural Revolution) / abbr. for 五七幹部學校|五七干部学校
core network / backbone network
to totally stop doing something / to reform one's ways
to work resourcefully / to apply intelligence
trunk canal
cadres and masses / party officials and ordinary people
top-notch efficiency
to become a cadre (e.g. a promotion from shopfloor)
to reassign a cadre / to choose a worker to be promoted to cadre
to examine the cadres / same as 審查幹部|审查干部
blood generating stem cells (in bone marrow)
the Ferghana Valley in modern Uzbekistan
Samarkand, city in Uzbekistan / also written 撒馬爾罕|撒马尔罕
May 7 Cadre School (forcing educated people into re-education and peasant labor during Cultural Revolution) / abbr. to 五七幹校|五七干校
mesenchymal stem cell MSC (in cell biology)
to be assiduous and work full hours
worker chosen to become a cadre and sent to complete his schooling

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