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and / besides / moreover / furthermore / in addition
really isn't
variant of 合併|合并
to merge / to annex
to stand side by side / to be juxtaposed
not at all / emphatically not
to be complicated by / to erupt simultaneously
merger and acquisition (M and A) / acquisition / to take over
to develop simultaneously / to undertake concurrently
variant of 一併|一并, to lump together / to treat along with all the others
to lump together / to treat along with all the others
to proceed in parallel / side by side (of two processes, developments, thoughts etc)
alongside / shoulder to shoulder / side by side / abreast
to exist at the same time / to coexist
to lay equal stress on / to pay equal attention to
to annex / to take over / to acquire
to discuss two disparate things together (idiom); to mention on equal terms / to place on a par with / (often with negatives: impossible to mention X in the same breath as Y)
to merge into / to incorporate in
to merge into / to incorporate in
parallel connection
parallel computing
to advance together
to draw together / to place side by side (e.g. one's fingers, two halves of a torn sheet of paper etc)
(Internet slang) ultimately useless
to go forward together (idiom); to undertake simultaneous tasks / going hand in hand
to annex
(of a singer etc) excellent in voice and expression (idiom)
to exist side by side / to exist simultaneously
to include and monopolize many things / all-embracing
to put together / to add / to merge
parallel port (computing)
to run neck and neck / to keep pace with / to keep abreast of / on a par with one another
to sit together
lit. twin lotus flowers on one stalk / fig. a devoted married couple
mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
incorporating diverse things (idiom) / eclectic / all-embracing
to consolidate / to merge
to merge; to consolidate / consolidation
to run in parallel without hindrance / not mutually exclusive / two processes can be implemented without conflict
to swallow up / to annex / to merge
idemfactor (math.)
cut down and merge
combining native and foreign methods
active conjoined sentence
  *并* | 并* | *并
and / furthermore / also / together with / (not) at all / simultaneously / to combine / to join / to merge
  *并* | 并* | *并
to combine / to amalgamate
  *并* | 并* | *并
short name for Taiyuan 太原
  *并* | 并* | *并
variant of 並|并
side by side / abreast
shoulder to shoulder / abreast / side by side
joint name / combined name
Three Parallel Rivers National Park, in mountainous northwest Yunnan World Heritage protected area: the three rivers are Nujiang 怒江 or Salween, Jinsha 金沙江 or upper reaches of Changjiang and Lancang 瀾滄江|澜沧江 or Mekong
really does not care
drawing (textile industry)
parallel excitation / shunt excitation / shunt-wound (e.g. electric generator)
paraphyletic group
to arrive simultaneously
to impose an additional penalty
parallel port (computing)
parallel program
Chinese-Western fusion
occurring simultaneously
ribbon lap machine
complications (undesired side-effect of medical procedure)
paraphyletic group / also written 並系群|并系群
doubling (combining two or more lengths of yarn into a single thread)
union (symbol ∪) (set theory)
to couple strength and gentleness (idiom)
complication (medicine)
hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder
benzothiophene C8H9, a heterocyclic compound (with one benzene ring and one cyclopentene ring)
one after the other / in succession (idiom)
lit. reins together and carriages level (idiom); keeping exactly abreast of one another / running neck and neck

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