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safe and sound / well / without mishap / quiet and safe / at peace
safe and sound (idiom)
to have a pleasant journey / Bon voyage!
Ping'an county in Haidong prefecture 海東地區|海东地区, Qinghai
South P'yong'an Province in west of North Korea
May you have peace year after year (New Year's greeting)
Heian period (794-1185), period of Japanese history
Heian Jingū or Heian Shrine, in Kyōto, Japan
lit. peace when you come or go / peace wherever you go
North P'yong'an Province in west of North Korea, adjacent to Liaoning
P'yong'ando Province of Joseon Korea, now divided into South Pyong'an Province 平安南道 and North Pyong'an Province 平安北道 of North Korea
fish brings heat, meat brings phlegm, vegetables and tofu keep you healthy
Silent Night (Christmas carol) / Christmas Eve
Ping'an Li (street name in Beijing)

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