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tent / CL: 頂|顶,
account number
(bank, computer etc) account
  *帐* | 帐* | *帐
covering veil / canopy / screen / tent / variant of 賬|账
notebook / pocket diary
mosquito net / CL: 頂|顶
bill / check
to pay the bill / to settle accounts / also written 結賬|结账
to verify accounting records / also written 對賬|对账
tent / camp
to audit accounts / to inspect accounting books
account book
render an account / submit an expense account / apply for reimbursement
mosquito net / CL: 頂|顶
T-account (accounting)
a ledger / a spreadsheet
bed curtain / mosquito net
secret account (e.g. bank account)
posting (accounting)
Golden Horde (ancient state)
to acknowledge sb as senior or superior (often in negative) / to accept (a version of events) / to buy it
bad debt
income account (accountancy)
savings account (in bank)
lit. settling accounts after the autumn harvest (idiom); to wait until the time is ripe to settle accounts / to bide time for revenge
variant of 帳篷|帐篷
tent of the commanding officer / tent capital of a nomadic people
dead loan / bad debts / to refuse to pay loan
electronic organizer / PDA
to write off / to cancel an account / to draw a line under
even with your own brother, keep clear accounts (idiom)
current account (in bank)
to settle accounts
current account (in bank)
to verify accounting records
to check the accounts / to take stock
sales ledger (accountancy)

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