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  *帅* | 帅* | *帅
(bound form) commander-in-chief / (bound form) to lead; to command / handsome; graceful; dashing; elegant / (coll.) cool!; sweet! / (Chinese chess) general (on the red side, equivalent to a king in Western chess)
  *帅* | 帅* | *帅
surname Shuai
handsome / smart / dashing / elegant
command / commander-in-chief
to be in command / (fig.) to dominate over other considerations / to be given overemphasis
(military) commander-in-chief / (sports) team manager / coach
handsome guy / lady-killer / handsome (form of address)
marshal (in the army)
(old) commanding general / commander-in-chief / (Qing dynasty) title for a governor-general (provincial military governor) 總督|总督
commander-in-chief, the equivalent of king in Chinese chess
rook sacrifice to save the king (in Chinese chess); fig. to protect a senior figure by blaming an underling / to pass the buck
preoccupied with school grades / overemphasis on test scores
(slang) (of a young man) sweet and boyish in appearance / having soft, feminine features
The Good Soldier Švejk (Schweik), satirical novel by Czech author Jaroslav Hašek (1883-1923)
awesome / brilliant / magnificent
Marshal Zhao, aka Zhao Gongming or Zhao Xuantan, God of Wealth in the Chinese folk tradition and Taoism
caring only about money and wealth
"Mr Perfect" (i.e. tall, rich and handsome) (Internet slang)

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