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oneself / one's own
  *己* | 己* | *己
self / oneself / sixth of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干 / sixth in order / letter "F" or Roman "VI" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc / hexa
to be oneself
close female friend / confidante
without the freedom to act independently (idiom); involuntary / not of one's own volition / in spite of oneself
to know oneself / to be intimate or close / intimate friend
love others as self
Daji (c. 11th century BC), concubine of the last Shang dynasty king Zhou Xin 紂辛|纣辛
dissident / alien / outsider
(coll.) (Tw) to get sacked / to be fired
a matter of no concern to oneself (idiom)
to be strict with oneself (idiom) / to demand a lot of oneself
to be content with one's lot (idiom) / to know one's place
you can't always do as you like / one has to compromise in this world (idiom)
to harm others without benefiting oneself (idiom)
selfless / self-sacrifice (to help others) / self-renunciation / altruism
self-restraint / discipline / selflessness
to be strict with oneself
personal profit / to benefit oneself
intimate / private saving of family members
Kong Yiji, protagonist of short story by Lu Xun 魯迅|鲁迅
to consider sb as close friend (idiom); to take into one's confidence
close male friend / confidant
to seek the cause in oneself rather than sb else
intimate / private saving of family members
to know the enemy and know oneself (idiom, from Sunzi's "The Art of War")
an individual
to blot out one's conscience
to wipe out dissenters / to exterminate those who disagree
self-restraint and devotion to public duties (idiom); selfless dedication / to serve the public interest wholeheartedly
harming others for one's personal benefit (idiom); personal gain to the detriment of others
if you want sth done well, do it yourself (idiom)
to exercise power arbitrarily (idiom)

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