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handwork / manual
to work a temporary or casual job / (of students) to have a job outside of class time, or during vacation
staff / personnel / employee
artificial / manpower / manual work
to process / processing / working (of machinery)
science and engineering as academic subjects
  *工* | 工* | *工
work / worker / skill / profession / trade / craft / labor
chemical industry, abbr. of 化學工業|化学工业 / chemical engineering, abbr. of 化學工程|化学工程
construction / to carry out construction or large-scale repairs
workers / staff / CL: 個|个
fitter / benchwork
to complete a project
electrician / electrical engineering / electrical work (in a house)
heavy industry
secret service / special service / secret service agent / special agent
Seiko, Japanese watch and electronics company
refined / delicate / exquisite (craftsmanship)
to begin work (of a factory or engineering operation) / to start a construction job
to return to work (after a stoppage)
art design / art designer
to work with one's hands / manual work / workmanship
to finish work / to complete a project
skilled worker
light engineering
to go to work / to start work
migrant worker (who moved from a rural area of China to a city to find work)
migrant worker (who moved from a rural area of China to a city to find work) / temporary worker enlisted on a public project
welder / solderer / CL: / welding
OEM (original equipment manufacturer)
to start (a building project)
to stop work / to shut down / to stop production
a strike / to go on strike
lathe work / lathe operator
temporary job / odd job / seasonal worker
to do poorly done work over again / (Guangdong dialect) to go to work
social work / social worker
senior engineer (abbr. for 高級工程師|高级工程师) / (Tw) industrial vocational high school (abbr. for 高級工業職業學校|高级工业职业学校)
working woman / variant of 女紅|女红
volunteer worker / volunteer work
to undertake to perform work within a time limit and according to specifications / to contract for a job / contractor
to work as a laborer
tiling / bricklaying / plastering
to stop work for the day (generally of laborers) / to knock off
nurse's aide / nursing assistant / care worker
riveter / worker with rivets
political work / ideological work
milling (machining) / milling machine operator
knife work (food preparation)
supernaturally fine craft (idiom); the work of the Gods / uncanny workmanship / superlative craftsmanship
mason / masonry work
different tunes played with equal skill (idiom) / different methods leading to the same result / different approach but equally satisfactory outcome
to work for a trial period / worker on probation
to delay one's work / to be late for or absent from work / loss of working time
temporary job; odd job
unskilled worker
child labor
stonemasonry / stonemason
fellow workers
to knock off work for the day
to skip work / absence without leave
agricultural worker / abbr. for 農業工人|农业工人 / peasant and worker (in Marxism)
hard labor (in penal code) / coolie
workplace overseer / foreman
pottery / potter
young worker (esp of the CCP)
to help with farm work / casual laborer
boatman / boat builder
planing / planing machine operator / planer
river conservancy works (dike maintenance, dredging etc) / river conservancy worker
day labor / piece-time work
to release from work at the end of the day
to slacken off in one's work / to go slow (as a form of strike)
male worker
(of workers) to have no work to do / to be underutilized (due to lack of supplies, poor organization by management etc)
foundry work / foundry worker
to idle on the job
to work as a foreman / foreman / supervisor
to knock off (at the end of a day's work) / to finish work
to record work points 工分
to divide up the work / division of labor
indentured laborer
hired laborer / servant
to change workshifts
to sell one's labor
labor / laborer
(Tw) foreign worker (abbr. for 移住勞工|移住劳工)
factory / factory worker
replacement worker / substitute worker
to skimp on the job / to avoid work
apprentice / trainee worker
to work against the clock / to hurry with work to get it done in time
to exchange labor / labor exchange (system of sharing workforce resources)
a sawyer
to stop work
laborers who carry cargo up and down the mountains on shoulder poles

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