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to fulfill (one's obligations) / to carry out (a task) / to implement (an agreement) / to perform
to keep a promise / to honor an agreement
background (academic and work) / curriculum vitae / résumé
caterpillar track (propulsion system used on bulldozers etc) / (literary) shoes and belt
  *履* | 履* | *履
shoe / to tread on
gait / to walk
performance bond (international trade)
dressed in Western-style clothes / impeccably attired
lit. as if walking on thin ice (idiom) / fig. to be extremely cautious / to be skating on thin ice
curriculum vitae (CV) / resume
to have difficulty walking (idiom) / to walk with difficulty
clothes and shoes
half-track (vehicle with wheels at the front and continuous tracks in the rear)
curriculum vitae (CV)
to wear shoes
lit. to make one's way through a dangerous pass as if walking on level ground (idiom) / fig. to handle a crisis effortlessly
leather (shoes) / fig. Western dress
to carry out a task personally / to take responsibility for
lit. don't tie your shoelaces in a melon patch, and don't adjust your hat under a plum tree (idiom) / fig. don't do anything that might arouse suspicion / innocent acts may be misconstrued
lit. shoes and slippers muddled together (idiom); fig. many guests come and go / a lively party
to cut the feet to fit the shoes (idiom); to force sth to fit (as to a Procrustean bed) / impractical or inelegant solution
to carry out (a task)
to be in complete disorder
court crown beneath straw shoe (idiom); everything turned upside down

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