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  *层* | 层* | *层
layer / stratum / laminated / floor (of a building) / storey / classifier for layers / repeated / sheaf (math.)
layer / level / gradation / arrangement of ideas / (a person's) standing
hierarchy / stratum / social class
story / floor
basic level / grassroots unit / basement layer
high level / high class
multilayered / multilevel / multistory
layer upon layer
lamination / layering / stratification / delamination
level / hierarchy
deep layer / deep / deep-seated / underlying
single layer / single story / single deck / single level
top floor / the top of a building
multistoried building / tower / pagoda
ground or first floor / bottom (of a pile) / lowest rung (of society)
aspect / facet / level (political, psychological, spiritual etc) / (geology) bedding plane
network layer protocol
double tier / double decker
more and more emerge / innumerable succession / breeding like flies (idiom)
upper layer
duplex (apartment)
layer (imaging)
surface layer
protective layer / coating
split-level (home)
a coal bed / a coal seam
application layer (computing)
interval between two layers / double-layered / mezzanine
outer layer / outer shell
layer upon layer / tiered
high-rise building / skyscraper
ruling class / leaders (of society) / oligarchy
physical layer
network layer
deep level / deep-seated / in-depth
underlayer / lower class / lower strata / substrate
fault (geology) / CL: , 個|个 / (fig.) gap / rupture (in the transmission of some skill) / (tomography) cross-sectional
coalbed methane
first floor / ground floor
low level
stratum (geology)
laminar flow
ozone layer
the clouds / cloud layer / cloud bank
to take it up a notch / to bring it up a level
internal layer
stratified / bedded (geology)
transport layer
the coating of sth that has been chrome-plated or copper-plated etc
vascular cambium (layer of tissue responsible for growth inside wood)
layer of soil / ground level
social hierarchy / stratum in society / social status
link layer
deep cleansing
thin layer / thin slice / film / lamina / lamella
rock strata
variant of 岩層|岩层 / rock strata
cap rock
data link layer
electron shell (in the atom)
stratum corneum (outermost layer of the skin)
range upon range of mountains (idiom)
troposphere / lower atmosphere
outer space
bunk beds
stratigraphy (geology)
cladding / covering (on a fiber)
repeated layers / stratified / laminated / stacked / piled strata
(Maslow's) hierarchy of needs (psychology)
layered / stratified
salaried class
boundary layer
trophoblastic layer (attaches fertilized ovum to the uterus) / trophoderm
tightly packed / closely layered
magnetosphere / magnetic layer
boundary layer
physical layer (OSI)
electron shell number (chemistry)
presentation layer
ore stratum / vein of ore
stratified rock / flagstone
to get one's hair layered
CT, computed tomography (medical imaging method)
germ layer / layer of tissue in embryology
rock stratum
normal fault (geology)
endoderm (cell lineage in embryology)
lamina / lamella / lamination
asthenosphere (geology)
adaptation layer

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