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buttocks / bottom / butt / back part
  *屁* | 屁* | *屁
fart / flatulence / nonsense / (usu. in the negative) what / (not) a damn thing
to fart / to break wind / to talk nonsense / Utter rubbish!
bullshit / nonsense
(child's term) buttocks; bottom
horse hindquarters / flattery / boot-licking
(vulgar) trifling matter / mere trifle / goddamn thing / goddamn business
(coll.) self-important / puffed up
to piss one's pants in terror (idiom) / scared witless
to tag along behind / to follow sb closely
loud fart
silent fart
silent fart
to spank sb's bottom
kid / youngster / (derog.) brat
butt cheek / rump
to hold up buttocks and praise a fart (idiom); to use flatter to get what one wants / to toady / boot-licking
incoherent (writing or speech) / nonsensical / a load of crap
(neologism c. 2017) (slang) over-the-top praise
lit. to take off trousers to fart / fig. to do something absolutely unnecessary / fig. to make things too complicated
toady / bootlicker
silent fart
(dialect) to die / to give up the ghost
to have overslept / Rise and shine!
(dialect) a fall on the buttocks
(slang) shitizen / commoner / hoi polloi
erhua variant of 屁眼
(slang) gay / sissy / poof / abbr. for 馬屁精|马屁精
lit. the butt governs the head (idiom) / fig. where one stands depends on where one sits / one's views are shaped by one's circumstances
(dialect) a fall on the buttocks / pratfall
bullshit; nonsense
very light
lit. jolting buttocks / (colloquial intensifier) groveling / eager / compliant / smug
to chat idly
to make oneself scarce / to slip away / to take French leave
to flatter / to fawn on / to butter sb up / toadying / bootlicking
to wipe one’s ass / (fig.) (coll.) to clean up sb else's mess
(coll.) to shart
spit it out! / out with it!
cigarette butt
cigarette butt
to show warm feelings but meet with cold rebuke (idiom) / to be snubbed despite showing good intentions
to kiss sb's ass / to brown-nose
lit. bum beetle / sb who tags along / shadow / sycophant
(coll.) None of your goddamn business! / Mind your own business!
(slang) bullshit

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