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despite / although / even though / in spite of / unhesitatingly / do not hesitate (to ask, complain etc) / (go ahead and do it) without hesitating
as quickly as possible / as soon as possible / with all speed
as much as possible / to the greatest extent
endless / boundless / infinite
bitterness finishes, sweetness begins (idiom); the hard times are over, the good times just beginning
  *尽* | 尽* | *尽
to the greatest extent / (when used before a noun of location) furthest or extreme / to be within the limits of / to give priority to
  *尽* | 尽* | *尽
to use up / to exhaust / to end / to finish / to the utmost / exhausted / finished / to the limit (of sth) / all / entirely
as much as possible / to the greatest extent
end / extremity / limit
to strive one's hardest / to spare no effort
not completely / endlessly
to use up / to exhaust
as much as one likes
thorough and detailed / exhaustive / the tedious details in full
lit. to catch everything in the one net (idiom) / fig. to scoop up the whole lot / to capture them all in one go
lit. extreme saturation (idiom) / fig. vividly and thoroughly / in great detail / without restraint / (of a performance) brilliant
as early as possible
to suffer enough from / to suffer all kinds of / to have one's fill of
as far as possible / to do one's utmost
to do one's duty / to do one's bit conscientiously
to exhaust / to use up / to deplete / to drain
to be full of / completely
to discharge one's duties / conscientious
can't thank sb enough (idiom)
making an all-out effort (idiom); to try one's heart out / to do one's utmost
to enjoy oneself to the full / to one's heart's content
to spare no effort (idiom); to do one's utmost
with all of one's heart
responsible and diligent (idiom)
to have experienced a lot of / to have been through
to drain the cup in one gulp (idiom)
to rack one's brains
hard to explain in a few words (idiom); complicated and not easy to express succinctly
to die in such a way that sb (or sth) else also perishes / to take sb down with oneself / to end in mutual destruction
to kill oneself / suicide
to bend to a task and spare no effort unto one's dying day (idiom); striving to the utmost one's whole life / with every breath in one's body, unto one's dying day
to kill to the last one (idiom) / to exterminate / to eradicate / ruthless
body weary, strength exhausted (idiom); extremely tired / spent
to thoroughly enjoy oneself
to display utter loyalty / to be loyal to the end
to bend to a task and spare no effort (idiom); striving to the utmost
mountain and river exhausted (idiom); at the end of the line / nowhere to go
to do one's filial duty
perfect (idiom); perfection / the best of all possible worlds / as good as it gets
not hiding anything he knows, not stopping before he has said it through (idiom) / frank / outspoken
to rack one's brains (idiom); to take great pains to think sth through
to use sth to the full / to make the best use of everything
to try one's utmost / to strive
known by everyone (idiom); well known / a household name
lit. even a prairie fire cannot destroy the grass - it grows again when the breeze blows (proverb) / fig. cannot be easily eliminated / abbr. to 野火春風|野火春风
devoid of conscience (idiom); utterly heartless
to spare no effort (idiom); to do one's utmost
to waste all one's previous efforts (idiom) / all that has been achieved goes down the drain
employ one's talent to the fullest / everyone gives of their best
spirit weary, strength exhausted (idiom); spent / drained / washed out
extreme benevolence, utmost duty (idiom); meticulous virtue and attention to duty
to rack one's brains for schemes (idiom) / to beat one's brains out
each does his utmost (idiom) / from each according to his means
out of ammunition and no food left (idiom); in desperate straits
to eliminate / to purge
the idea is present before the first stroke of the brush, when the last stroke is placed the idea shines through
Jiang Yan has exhausted his talent (idiom) / fig. to have used up one's creative powers / to have writer's block
to eradicate evil completely (idiom); thorough in rooting out wickedness
nearly exhausted / practically nothing left
to exert all one's strength
lit. the birds are over, the bow is put away (idiom); fig. to get rid of sb once he has served his purpose
exhaustive / thorough
lunar month of 30 days / same as 大建
limitless supply (of) / inexhaustible
endless / inexhaustible
to exhaust / to use up completely
if one is too calculating, it will be the cause of one's own undoing (famous line in "A Dream of Red Mansions" 紅樓夢|红楼梦)
to experience one's full share of sorrows (idiom)
in the first instance / as a first priority
the people are impoverished, their means exhausted (idiom); to drive the nation to bankruptcy
to use up entirely
to do all one can / to give all one has
employ one's talent to the fullest / everyone gives of their best / also written 人盡其才|人尽其才
lunar month of 29 days / same as 小建
to completely lose (one's dignity, vitality etc)
to have lost interest / to have had enough
everything that should be here is here (idiom); all one can think of is on hand / to have all one needs
to use up / to exhaust / to probe to the bottom / limit / end
due diligence (law)
to display (one's potential, one's talents etc)
surd (math.)
not always; not entirely / not necessarily so; not entirely correct
always / always regardless (of anything)
conjugate surd (math.)
totally exhausted as result of overexertion (idiom)
(Internet slang) end of friendship / friendship over!
to absorb completely / to drink up
to commit suicide by biting off one's tongue
to be used up / to be exhausted
to die (when one's predestined life span is up)
out of ammunition and no hope of reinforcements (idiom); in desperate straits

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