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occasionally / once in a while / sometimes
  *尔* | 尔* | *尔
variant of 爾|尔
  *尔* | 尔* | *尔
thus / so / like that / you / thou
Seoul, capital of South Korea (Chinese name adopted in 2005 to replace 漢城|汉城)
Hill (name) / Christopher Hill, US undersecretary of state of East Asian affairs
Uighur ethnic group of Xinjiang
Karl (name)
Michael (name)
Bell (person name)
Bayan Nur prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia
Thor (Norse god of thunder)
Haier (PRC household appliance brand) / Hale (name)
Chur (city in Switzerland)
Moore or Moor (name) / see also 摩爾人|摩尔人
mole (chemistry)
Nobel (Prize)
Kohl (name) / Helmut Kohl (1930-2017), German CDU politician, Chancellor 1982-1998
Qiqihar prefecture level city in Heilongjiang province 黑龍江|黑龙江 in northeast China
Bill (name)
the Seychelles
Hulunbuir prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia
Tyre (city in Lebanon)
Pierre, capital of South Dakota
Félix Faure (1841-1899), president of France 1895-1899
Hull (name) / Kingston upon Hull
Michel or Mitchell (name) / George Mitchell (1933-), US Democratic party politician and diplomat, influential in brokering Northern Ireland peace deal in 1990s, US Middle East special envoy from 2009
Aral shehiri (Aral city) or Ālā'ěr subprefecture level city in west Xinjiang
Lille (city in France)
Dole (name) / Bob Dole (1923-), US Republican politician, Kansas senator 1969-1996
Montreal, city in Quebec, Canada
Tours (city in France)
Hall (name)
Newcastle (place name)
Brussels, capital of Belgium
Daniel (name)
Kiel (German city)
Hailar district, Mongolian Xailar raion, of Hulunbuir city 呼倫貝爾市|呼伦贝尔市, Inner Mongolia
Pierre (name)
Basel, Switzerland
Gaelic / Geier or Gayer (name)
Gore (name) / Al Gore (1948-), US vice-president 1993-2001 under Bill Clinton, subsequently environmental campaigner and Nobel Peace laureate
Bristol port city in southwest England
real (Brazilian currency) (loanword)
Ur (Sumerian city c. 4500 BC in modern Iraq)
Cornell (US University)
Istanbul, Turkey
Berber people of North Africa
riel (Cambodian currency)
Trier (city in Germany)
Powell (name)
Claire (name)
Tegel (name) / Tiger (name)
Tyre (Lebanon)
Samuel (name)
dinar (currency) (loanword)
Blair (name)
Sennheiser (brand)
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), German philosopher
Sol (goddess)
thus / like this
Krasnodar (city in Russia)
Bangalore, capital of southwest Indian state Karnataka 卡納塔克邦|卡纳塔克邦
Marshall (name) / George Catlett Marshall (1880-1959), US general in WWII and Secretary of State 1947-1949, author of the postwar Marshall plan for Europe and Nobel peace laureate
Emir (Muslim ruler) / Amir
old: to reap the consequences of one's words (idiom, from Mencius); modern: to go back on one's word / to blow hot and cold / to contradict oneself / inconsistent
Niger (African state) / Niger River, West Africa
Koper (port city of Slovenia)
Paul (name)
Campbell (name)
Virgil or Vergilius (70-19 BC), Roman poet and author of the Aeneid 埃涅阿斯紀|埃涅阿斯纪
René Descartes (1596-1650) French philosopher
the Ural mountains in Russia, dividing Europe from Asia
Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), Indian poet and writer
Baker or Becker (name)
Angela Merkel (1954-), German CDU politician, chancellor from 2005
Playfair (surname)
Algiers, capital of Algeria
Standard and Poor's (S&P), company specializing in financial market ratings / S&P financial index
Pascal (name)
Laval (name)
Martin Heidegger (1889-1976), German philosopher
Engel (name) / Ernst Engel (1821-1896), German statistician
Cyril (name) / Saint Cyril, 9th century Christian missionary / Cyrillic
Daur ethnic group of Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang
Orwell (name) / George Orwell (1903-1950), British novelist, author of Animal Farm 動物農場|动物农场 and 1984 一九八四年
Kabul, capital of Afghanistan
Tatar ethnic group of Xinjiang
(literary) to smile

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