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envelope / CL: 個|个
to seal up
  *封* | 封* | *封
surname Feng
  *封* | 封* | *封
to confer / to grant / to bestow a title / to seal / classifier for sealed objects, esp. letters
Kaifeng prefecture-level city in Henan, old capital of Northern Song, former provincial capital of Henan / old name Bianliang 汴梁
to open (sth that has been sealed)
to sequester / to seize (assets) / to seal up / to close down
Dengfeng, county-level city in Zhengzhou 鄭州|郑州, Henan
to open sth that has been sealed
to freeze over / to ice over / icebound / to shelve (a proposal etc)
covered in dust / dusty / lying unused for a long time
to proclaim oneself (sth) / to give oneself the title of / self-appointed / self-styled / to limit oneself to / to isolate oneself
to laminate / laminated / laminate
to confer a title upon sb / to dub / to crown / to invest with rank or title
to divide and confer (property on one's descendants)
to seal up (a door with a paper seal, or a document) / to confer an additional title on a nobleman
to receive fief and title / to be enfeoffed / (fig.) to be rewarded by the emperor
stuck in the old ways (idiom); refusing to acknowledge new ideas / stagnating and conservative
to seal jars etc with mud, clay or lute / lute / luting
dust jacket (of a book) / protective cover / document seal
to appoint sb to a post or confer a title on sb by imperial order
to sign across the seal (as a precaution against fraud)
(baseball etc) shutout / to shut out (the opposing team)
wide belt / sash / (packaging) paper sash around a book or other product
to seal / to close up a package with a seal
self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE)
to lift a ban / to end a lockdown
to confer a posthumous title
first day cover (philately)

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