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  *对* | 对* | *对
right / correct / couple / pair / towards / at / for / to face / opposite / to treat (sb a certain way) / to match together / to adjust / to fit / to suit / to answer / to reply / classifier: couple
to fight against / to oppose / to be opposed to / opposition
relatively / opposite / to resist / to oppose / relative / vis-a-vis / counterpart
to target / to focus on / to be aimed at or against / in response to
absolute / unconditional
to confront / to face
incorrect / wrong / amiss / abnormal / queer
couple / pair
response / to answer / to reply
party (loanword)
to check / to verify / to audit / to examine
to pair up / to match up / to form a pair (e.g. to marry) / to mate / matched pair
proofreader / to proofread / to calibrate
right or wrong? / Is it right? / OK, yes? (colloquial)
comparison / to verify by comparing
hostile / enemy (factions) / combative
directly facing
(usually used in the negative) to answer or reply to sb's question
to scrutinize / to examine / to check
to form a pair
to set oneself against / to oppose / to make a pair
to oppose each other with equal harshness (idiom); tit for tat / measure for measure
to be left speechless / unable to respond
to oppose strongly / violently opposed to
the families are well-matched in terms of social status (idiom) / (of a prospective marriage partner) an appropriate match
couple who were made for each other
to be ashamed to face (sb) / to feel bad about having failed (sb)
couplet (hung on each side of the door frame)
to form pairs / to be in couples
base pair (molecular biology)
base pairing (e.g. adenine A 腺嘌呤 pairs with thymine T 胸腺嘧啶 in DNA) / base pair
catty-corner / to be diagonally opposite to
unable to reply (idiom); left speechless / at a loss for words
complementary base pairing e.g. adenine A 腺嘌呤 pairs with thymine T 胸腺嘧啶 in DNA
to return only a blank stare / to stare back
(coll.) to mock / to bully / to force (a concession out of sb)
(literary) to reply / to answer
"Duke Li of Wei Answering Emperor Taizong of Tang", military treatise attributed to Li Jing 李靖 and one of the Seven Military Classics of ancient China 武經七書|武经七书
kilobase pair (molecular biology)
sex party / orgy
to treat sb with courtesy (idiom)

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