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police / police officer / CL: 個|个
to observe / to watch / to survey / to examine / observation / view / perspective / CL: 個|个
to inspect / to observe and study / on-the-spot investigation
to supervise / to control
to inspect / (law) to prosecute / to investigate
to reconnoiter / to explore / to survey
to supervise / to superintend / inspector / censorship
to inspect / an investigation
to investigate a crime / to scout / to reconnoiter / reconnaissance / detection / a scout
to see clearly
  *察* | 察* | *察
short name for Chahar Province 察哈爾|察哈尔
  *察* | 察* | *察
to examine / to inquire / to observe / to inspect / to look into / obvious / clearly evident
  *察* | 察* | *察
variant of
to sense / to perceive / to come to realize / to be aware
to maintain order / steward (policing a meeting)
clean / spotless
traffic police / abbr. to 交警
traffic camera / speed camera / closed-circuit TV police surveillance
civil police / PRC police
to experience / to observe
Gangcha County (Tibetan: rkang tsha rdzong) in Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 海北藏族自治州, Qinghai
observation by naked eye
to fail in observing or supervising / to miss / to let sth slip through
plain-clothed policeman
riot police / riot squad
to investigate / to observe / to scout / to seek out and examine / to explore
Hong Kong Police Force (since 1997)
SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) / riot police
secret police
Podgorica, capital of Montenegro
to investigate / to examine closely
to observe carefully
Human Rights Watch (HRW), New York-based non-governmental organization
Srebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina
on-site inspection
to interrogate / to examine
to note clearly / to perceive
border police
to examine / to cast a critical eye over (especially in the context of introspection)
credit watch
radiation detection
Royal Hong Kong Police Force (1969-1997)
surname Kostunica / Vojislav Kostunica (1944-), Serbian politician, last president of Yugoslavia 2000-2003, prime minister of Serbia 2004-2008
to investigate (old)
criminal police / member of the criminal police
Constanta (city in Romania)

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