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to stay at / lodging / accommodation
place to return to / home / final destination / ending
  *宿* | 宿* | *宿
old variant of 宿
  *宿* | 宿* | *宿
surname Su
  *宿* | 宿* | *宿
lodge for the night / old / former
  *宿* | 宿* | *宿
night / classifier for nights
  *宿* | 宿* | *宿
(Tw) guesthouse / bed-and-breakfast / homestay / pension (boarding house)
to stay / to lodge / to board
to put up a guest / to stay overnight
constellation (arch., now 星座) / one of the 28 constellations of traditional Chinese astronomy and astrology / motion of stars since one's birth (predetermining one's fate in astrology)
to stay out all night (idiom)
to sleep outdoors / to spend the night in the open
to spend the night at a brothel
lit. to eat in the open air and sleep outdoors (idiom) / fig. to rough it
Shinjuku, Tokyo
(ancient) to lodge for two nights
Baxoi county, Tibetan: Dpa' shod rdzong, in Chamdo prefecture 昌都地區|昌都地区, Tibet
board and lodging / room and board
the twenty-eight constellations
Onsu nahiyisi (Wensu county) in Aksu 阿克蘇地區|阿克苏地区, west Xinjiang
to stay with sb / to ask for lodging
to lodge / to stay (for the night)
venerable old person
to lodge / to stay (for the night)
number 20 of the 28 constellations 二十八宿, approx. Orion 獵戶座|猎户座
to fornicate / to rape
Bond (Chinese constellation)
Three Stars (Chinese constellation)
on night duty

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