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content / substance / details / CL: 個|个, 項|项
to improve one's appearance (using cosmetics or cosmetic surgery) / to make oneself more attractive / to beautify
  *容* | 容* | *容
surname Rong
  *容* | 容* | *容
to hold / to contain / to allow / to tolerate / appearance / look / countenance
to describe / description / appearance / look
troop arrangement / battle formation / lineup (of a sports team etc)
smile / smiling expression / CL:
Jurong county level city in Zhenjiang 鎮江|镇江, Jiangsu
to go easy / unhurried / calm / Taiwan pr. [cong1 rong2]
to pardon / to forgive / to show tolerance / to contain / to hold / inclusive
plastic surgery
lenient / tolerant / indulgent / charitable / to forgive
a branch of the Xianbei 鮮卑|鲜卑 nomadic people / two-character surname Murong
compatible / consistent / to tolerate (each other)
Huarong district of Ezhou city 鄂州市, Hubei / Huarong county in Yueyang 岳陽|岳阳, Hunan
appearance of a city
appearance / facial features
a look (achieved by applying makeup)
to disfigure / to spoil the beauty of
to be emotionally moved
to indulge / to connive at
to provide a place to stay / to house / to accommodate / (of an institution etc) to take in / to accept
completely compatible
cast (of a movie etc) / lineup of performers / troupe
unspeakable / indescribable
portrait / genuine appearance / real face
thermal capacity
angry look
ashamed and unable to show one's face
Zou Rong (1885-1905), a martyr of the anti-Qing revolution, died in jail in 1905
happy / joyous
natural / graceful / and poised
mutually compatible
unhurried / all in good time
to change color and alter one's expression (idiom); to go white with fear / out of one's wits
specific volume
completely incompatible / lit. incompatible as fire and water
Heaven cannot tolerate this (idiom) / intolerable behavior
looks / appearance
body of the deceased (esp. in the context of paying one's respects) / picture of the deceased
august countenance / your face (usually mocking)
voice and features / (sb's) appearance
"youth freezing", Chinese girls beginning anti-ageing treatments as young as two years old in the hope they will never look old
to introduce sb / to recommend
with a sad air / looking melancholy / with a worried look
beautiful face (of a young lady)
heavy on form, light on substance / to stress form at the expense of content
user-generated content (of a website)
a true gentleman will sacrifice his life for a friend who understands him, as a woman makes herself beautiful for her sweetheart
must not / cannot / to not allow / cannot tolerate
to look unwell
sickly look
grave and dignified
to mold (into seductive shape) / to dress up (usu. derogatory) / to sex up
as incompatible or irreconcilable as ice and hot coals
generous and forgiving
(Johannes Lodewikus) Viljoen (South African ambassador to Taiwan)

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