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office / business premises / bureau / CL: 間|间
  *室* | 室* | *室
surname Shi
  *室* | 室* | *室
room / work unit / grave / scabbard / family or clan / one of the 28 constellations of Chinese astronomy
laboratory / CL: 間|间
classroom / CL: 間|间
a room for keeping sth hidden / secret room / hidden chamber
bedroom / CL: 間|间
interior design
meeting room / conference room
bathroom (room used for bathing) / CL: 間|间
bedroom / dormitory / CL: 間|间
teaching and research section
royal family / imperial household / member of the royal family
State Key Laboratories (university laboratories in PRC supported by the central government)
reading room / CL: 間|间
room / apartment
basement / cellar
ventricle (heart)
royal family / royal household
artist's studio / atelier
consulting room
editorial office
Legislative Affairs Office, LAO (PRC)
interior decorating
room temperature
lobby / lounge
infirmary / sick bay / CL: 個|个
control room
emergency room
storeroom / CL: 間|间
greenhouse gas
Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC)
VIP lounge
waiting room (for train, bus etc)
supply room
Taiwan Affairs Office
broadcasting studio
ventricles of the brain
State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China
office (room) / ruling families during Spring and Autumn period
Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office (State Council, of PRC)
lecture theater
display room
reception office / janitor's office
from the main room, enter the inner chamber (idiom) / to go to the next level / to attain a higher level
imperial clan / member of the imperial clan / clansman / ancestral shrine
language laboratory
greenhouse effect
exhibition room
department / administrative division / unit (e.g. intensive care unit)
cinema room / viewing room
toilet / washroom / bathroom / lavatory / CL: 間|间
wife / family / (literary) residence
chamber music
reception room
Bell Labs
laboratory infection
to show the wolf into the house (idiom) / to introduce a potential source of trouble
clinic / outpatient department (or consulting room)
smoking room
dressing room / powder room / (Taiwan) toilets
tympanic cavity (of the middle ear)
broadcasting room
belfry / clock room
Oval office (in the White House)
mail room / radio room (i.e. reception and transmission)
dispatch office
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, R&D center in Pasadena, California
very small room / tiny, cramped space
studio / workshop
first wife / legal wife
a dissecting room
unmarried lady / virgin / Virgo (star sign)
second wife (of a widower)
waiting room (at clinic, hospital)
Studio Ghibli, Japanese film studio
infirmary / ward / sickroom / CL: 間|间
magnificent room
chamber (mining)
wielding the halberd within the household (idiom); internecine strife
ionization chamber
Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
lit. a room with irises and orchids (idiom); fig. in wealthy and pleasant company
school administration office
inner room / bedroom
Virgo (constellation and sign of the zodiac)
chat room
to get married (idiom)
netted enclosure (protecting crops)

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