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visitor / guest / customer / client / CL:
drawing room (room for arriving guests) / living room / CL: 間|间
client / customer / CL:
objective / impartial
hospitality / to treat guests well / to enjoy having guests / hospitable / friendly
client / customer
  *客* | 客* | *客
customer / visitor / guest
customer service
to take passengers on board
blog (loanword) / weblog / blogger
traveler / tourist / (online gaming) guest player
to receive guests / to receive patrons (of prostitutes)
visitor; caller
frequent visitor / fig. sth that crops up frequently
traveler / tourist
coach / bus / passenger train
guest room
hacker (computing) (loanword)
geek (loanword) (computing)
swordsman / swordswoman
hacker (computing) (loanword)
Hakka ethnic group, a subgroup of the Han that in the 13th century migrated from northern China to the south
away-game arena / away-game venue
guest room / room (in a hotel)
polite / courteous / formal / modest
tavern / guest house / inn / hotel
to be a guest or visitor
cyclamen (loanword)
passenger ship
podcast (loanword)
chivalrous person / knight-errant
guests / visitors
to give a dinner party / to entertain guests / to invite to dinner
passenger flow / customer flow
passenger plane
passenger ship
to have a full house / to be sold out / no vacancy
polite greeting / civilities / to exchange pleasantries
to receive a visitor
to appear on stage in an amateur capacity / (of a professional) to make a guest appearance / (fig.) to assume a role outside one's usual duties / to substitute for
visiting team (sports)
Airbus (abbr. for 空中客車|空中客车)
uninvited or unexpected guest
passing traveler / transient guest / sojourner
(polite appellation for a guest at a hotel etc)
The Matrix (1999 movie)
to see a visitor out
source of customers
to ask sb to leave / to show sb the door / to give a tenant notice to leave
diner (in a restaurant etc) / hanger-on / sponger
audience; spectators; onlookers
Greeting Pine, symbol of Huangshan 黃山|黄山
client (computing)
frequent visitor
literary person
to solicit (guests, clients, passengers etc) / to importune
to live in a foreign place / to live somewhere as a guest
The New Yorker, US magazine / resident of New York
lit. the guest acts as host (idiom); fig. to turn from passive to active behavior
passenger cabin
patron of a brothel
to die in a foreign land / to die abroad
broker / agent
(old) itinerant political adviser / (fig.) lobbyist / go-between / mouthpiece / also pr. [shuo1 ke4]
FIT (free independent traveler) / individual traveler (as opposed to traveling with a group)
passenger elevator / passenger lift
hanger-on / visitor (in a nobleman's house)
small hotel / inn
(literary) poet / literati
guest from afar
infrequent visitor
the First Emperor's order to expel foreigners / (fig.) notice to leave / words or behavior intended at turning visitors out
passenger transportation / (Tw) intercity bus
Death wish, movie series with Charles Bronson
to cheat customers / to overcharge
room to meet guests / parlor
guests filled the hall (idiom); a house full of distinguished visitors
to decline to meet a visitor / to express one's gratitude to one's guests
"honker", Chinese hacker motivated by patriotism, using one's skills to protect domestic networks and work in national interest
to host a banquet / guest at a banquet
Buddhist pilgrim / Buddhist worshipper
visitor / traveler
cafeteria meal specially prepared for a group of visitors / set meal
oriental rat flea (Xenopsylla cheopis)
talk (loanword) / chatline of PRC Internet company Taobao, taokshop.com
(Tw) (neologism c. 2008) mainland Chinese tourist
Hakka people
angler / phisher (Internet slang)
(service industry) reception staff
knight of the Zhao State / generic term for a knight-errant
see 丁克
user of shareware or demo software

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