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house pet
  *宠* | 宠* | *宠
to love / to pamper / to spoil / to favor
overwhelmed by favor from superior (humble expr.)
(old) (esp. of the Emperor) to show special favor towards
to dote on sb
current favorite; the latest thing; darling (of the market or the media etc)
pet / favorite / darling
to indulge / to spoil
to spoil (a child etc)
to receive favor (from superior) / favored / pampered
to lose favor / in disfavor / disgraced
to be a favorite / favor
to strive for favor
sensationalism / vulgar claptrap to please the crowds / playing to the gallery / demagogy
to dote on and trust
favored concubine
favorite concubine
favored minister
special favor from a ruler / Emperor's generosity towards a favorite
double income family who have pets rather than children (see also 丁克)
to favor / to prefer / to show favoritism
favor the concubine and do away with the wife (idiom) / spoil one's mistress and neglect one's wife
an especially favored concubine (idiom)
to take a concubine

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