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to comply with / to abide by / to respect (an agreement)
to defend / to protect (against)
conservative / to guard / to keep
  *守* | 守* | *守
to guard / to defend / to keep watch / to abide by the law / to observe (rules or ritual) / nearby / adjoining
to hold fast to / to stick to
to strictly maintain
to scrupulously abide by
personal integrity
to neglect one's duty / dereliction of duty / malpractice
duty / responsibility / post
to abide by / to keep (promises etc)
to stay behind to take care of things
(of troops stationed in a strategic area) to defend / (fig.) to stand guard / to protect
(military) (of a city etc) to fall into enemy hands / (fig.) to take a turn for the worse
(man a post and) defend
to guard / to hold a fortified position / entrenched
governor of a province
close the country to international intercourse
to guard
to stay together / to rely on one another
to guard / to watch over
to abscond / to be absent without leave
to adhere strictly (to the rules)
to retreat and defend / to withdraw and maintain one's guard
to stand a siege / trapped in a besieged city
to hold a pass / to guard (a strategic location)
senior provincial official in imperial China
(of a security guard etc) to be on duty, keeping an eye on things / to keep watch
to defend one's property to the death / to cling obstinately to old habits / die-hard
to guard
to strongly defend one's position / to be entrenched / to cling to
to give up defending / to yield / to surrender
to hang around keeping a watch out for sth
to maintain / to adhere to / to observe (an injunction etc)
to have custody of
total football (soccer)
to comply faithfully / sincerely abiding by
able to act while maintaining one's integrity (idiom) / also written 有守有為|有守有为
to counter (a stroke in fencing)
to neglect one's duties
(to be guilty of) dereliction of duty
stubborn and conservative
to stick to sth stubbornly / never let go
to hold tight / to cling to / to adhere / stubborn / to detain sb as prisoner

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