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lonely / solitary
lone / lonely / loneliness
isolated island
  *孤* | 孤* | *孤
lone / lonely
lonesome / desolate
isolate / isolated
antisocial / reclusive / eccentric
lonely soul
alone / lonely
solitary hero / maverick
solitary hero / maverick
orphanage / child asylum
to stake all on one throw
Solitary Hill, located in West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
isolated peak
lit. lone army putting up a brave fight (idiom) / fig. (of a person or group of people) struggling hard without support
Dugu Qiubai, a fictional character appearing in 金庸 novels
isolated and without help
proud and aloof
lone / isolated and without help / all alone / solitary
obstinately clinging to one's course (idiom) / willful / one's own way / dogmatic
a single man and a single woman / bachelors / a man and a woman together (typically in a secluded setting)
one who is cut off from others (idiom) / one who has chosen to follow a solitary path / (can also be an indirect way of referring to an unmarried person)
orphan drug
lone bird / marginalized (country, person etc)
alone and poor / humble / (Cantonese) miserly
insularization (as a threat to biodiversity)
solitary and impoverished (idiom)
ignorant and inexperienced / ill-informed and narrow-minded
isolated / solitary
to make painstaking efforts (idiom); after much trouble / to work hard at sth
lone flower admiring itself (idiom); narcissism / self-love
variant of 辜負|辜负
orphan / fatherless son
alone in the world (idiom)
orphans and widows / to be lonely / loneliness
solitary old man or woman / regular patron (at brothels)
bane of others' existence
instanton (math.)
cheekbone / ankle
unacceptable as uncorroborated evidence (in law or in textual criticism)
soliton (physics)
lit. a lonely body with only a shadow for company / to be all alone (idiom)
lit. widowers, widows, orphans and the childless / fig. people with no one left to rely on
It's hard to clap with only one hand. / It takes two to tango / It's difficult to achieve anything without support.
variant of 孤苦伶仃
ignorant / ill-informed
parthenogenesis (biol. a female reproducing without fertilization)
Amédée Courbet (1826-1885), a French admiral who won a series of important land and naval victories during the Tonkin campaign and the Sino-French War
lonesome / solitary
to doze off (Taiwanese)
bunion / hallux valgus
inauspicious year for marriage
(bird species of China) solitary snipe (Gallinago solitaria)
small orphan
to be all alone in the world
to be all alone by oneself
to act on one's own / to fight alone
(literary) orphan

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