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  *存* | 存* | *存
to exist / to deposit / to store / to keep / to survive
to conserve / to preserve / to keep / to save (a file etc) (computing)
to exist / to survive
stockpile / to store / to stockpile / storage
to depend on sth for existence / dependent on
property or cash held in reserve / stock
internal storage / computer memory / random access memory (RAM)
to survive / remnant
everlasting / to endure forever
to last for a long time; to endure / to exist forever
(computing) cache / buffer memory
to sequester / to seal up (for safe keeping) / to freeze (an account) / to mothball
(computing) flash memory
to deposit / to store / to leave sth with sb
historical remains / things that have survived since ancient times / (of such things) to survive
to survive (a disaster)
to keep / to preserve / extant / to remain (from the past)
to store / to deposit
tender / affectionate / tenderness
to exist at the same time / to coexist
extant / existent / in stock
only remaining of the great (idiom); one of the few greats extant
survival of the fittest
to obliterate completely / to vanish from the face of the earth
to stockpile
long-term coexistence
to try to survive
Centrum (brand)
remainder; balance
to receive for storage / delivery of goods / to gather and store / to store safely / safe keeping
certificate of deposit / time deposit / abbr. for 定期存款
to save (a file) after options (name, location, format etc) have been selected by the user
to drift through life
to coexist
to record and preserve
carbon sink
sexual intimacy
survival / the struggle to eke out a living / to seek for continued existence
demand deposit (abbr. for 活期存款)
greenhouse gas sequestration
short-term storage / store
balance; cash in hand
If sb has grasped the truth before you, take him as your teacher (Tang dynasty essayist Han Yu 韓愈|韩愈). / We should learn from one who knows the way.
(of an aging woman) still attractive
cache (computing)

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