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  *存* | 存* | *存
to exist / to deposit / to store / to keep / to survive
to exist / to be / existence
to conserve / to preserve / to keep / to save (a file etc) (computing)
to exist / to survive
stockpile / to store / to stockpile / storage
(computing) flash memory
to store up / to stockpile / (computer) to save / to store / memory / storage
to file / to save a file (computer) / saved data (for a video game etc)
internal storage / computer memory / random access memory (RAM)
to continue to exist
(computing) cache / buffer memory
property or cash held in reserve / stock
to deposit / to store / to leave in sb's care
to deposit money (in a bank etc) / bank savings / bank deposit
to deposit / to store / to leave sth with sb
to save (a file) after options (name, location, format etc) have been selected by the user
memory (computing)
to survive (a disaster)
to keep / to preserve / extant / to remain (from the past)
processor register (computing)
to survive (a serious accident) / survival
stock / inventory (of material)
to exist at the same time / to coexist
extant / existent / in stock
to store / to deposit
to store and retrieve (money, belongings etc) / (computing) to access (data)
to hold in storage / to retain / to harbor (feelings) / to entertain (sentiments) / (of abstract things) to exist / there is
to deposit money / to save money
to sequester / to seal up (for safe keeping) / to freeze (an account) / to mothball
passbook / bankbook
to coexist
everlasting / to endure forever
to exist forever
historical remains / things that have survived since ancient times / (of such things) to survive
habitat / living environment
cash in hand
matter of life and death
piggy bank / coin bank / money box
remaining / extant
to obliterate completely / to vanish from the face of the earth
to depend on sth for existence / dependent on
savings deposits and loans
depository share / depository receipt (DR)
cache (computing)
reserve requirement (finance)
deposit-reserve ratio
to stockpile
(of an aging woman) still attractive
to seek common ground, putting differences aside (idiom)
USB flash drive / jump drive / thumb drive / memory stick
survival of the fittest
retained earnings
balance / cash in hand
random access (memory)
latch (electronic)
random access memory (RAM)
warehouse / temporary store / left-luggage office / cloak-room
bank deposits and loans
the name remains, but the reality is gone (idiom)
long-term coexistence
to live or die / to exist or perish
close friend in a distant land, far-flung realms as next door / close in spirit although far away
to receive for storage / delivery of goods / to gather and store / to store safely / safe keeping
only remaining of the great (idiom); one of the few greats extant
to survive / remnant
dynamic memory
trap (plumbing) / U-bend
demand deposit (abbr. for 活期存款)
certificate of deposit
American depository receipt (ADR)
tender / affectionate / tenderness
certificate of deposit / time deposit / abbr. for 定期存款
to drift through life
cache (computing)
subsistence farming / subsistence agriculture
static memory
compatibility / the possibility of mutual coexistence
to be discontented / to be dissatisfied
short-term storage / store
the idea is present before the first stroke of the brush, when the last stroke is placed the idea shines through
lit. to get rid of the weeds and keep the flowers / to separate the wheat from the chaff (idiom)
survival / the struggle to eke out a living / to seek for continued existence
to be suspicious
(computing) flash memory
If sb has grasped the truth before you, take him as your teacher (Tang dynasty essayist Han Yu 韓愈|韩愈). / We should learn from one who knows the way.
Centrum (brand)
volatile memory
stack memory (computing)
storage container for liquid or gas / gas holder
bike park
depositor (in bank or shares)
random access memory (RAM)
saver / investor / account holder
parking lot (for bicycles)
foreign exchange reserves (Tw)

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