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younger sister / young woman / CL: 個|个
  *妹* | 妹* | *妹
younger sister
sisters / siblings / sister (school, city etc)
junior or younger female schoolmate
(coll.) to flirt / to hit on girls
little sister / girl / (Tw) young female employee working in a low-level role dealing with the public (assistant, waitress, attendant etc)
brothers and sisters / siblings
(older and younger) sisters / sister (school, city etc)
little sister / little girl / (coll.) vulva
younger female cousin via female line
junior female student or apprentice / daughter (younger than oneself) of one's teacher
younger sister
pretty girl
A-Mei, aka Gulilai Amit (1972-), aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer
young female worker
girl delinquent / tomboy / schoolgirl tough
to pick up a girl / to get a girl
local girl (referring to a Taiwanese benshengren 本省人)
(Tw) beautiful woman / sexy woman
(coll.) Japanese girl
younger female patrilineal cousin
younger sibling / younger brother's wife
female cousins via female line
father's sister's daughters / maternal female cousin
(in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao) girl from the mainland / (Tw) Fushan lettuce 福山萵苣|福山莴苣
ugly girl (slang)
prostitute (slang) / see also 援助交際|援助交际
wife's younger sister / sister-in-law
brother(s) and sister(s)
younger sister
Spice Girls (1990s UK pop group)
hot chick / sexy girl / abbr. LM
wife of younger male cousin via female line / younger cousins via female line
wife of younger male cousin via male line / younger cousins via male line
(dialect) prostitute from Guangdong (esp. one in Shanghai before the Revolution) (loanword from "handsome maid")
father's brother's daughters / paternal female cousin

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