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mama / mommy / mother / CL: 個|个,
  *妈* | 妈* | *妈
ma / mom / mother
dad and mom
mommy (loanword)
father's elder brother's wife / aunt (affectionate term for an elderly woman)
a mom (mother of a young child)
(coll.) hot mom
(interjection) fuck you / (intensifier) fucking
mother / mom
wet nurse
(coll.) stepmother
adoptive mother (traditional adoption, i.e. without legal ramifications)
Matsu, name of a sea goddess still widely worshipped on the SE China coast and in SE Asia
(coll.) mother's sister / maternal aunt
one's own mother / biological mother
(coll.) father's married sister / paternal aunt
(taboo curse) damn it! / fucking
great aunt / (slang) menstruation / period
older female servant / amah
mama's boy
grandma (paternal) (Tw) / (dialect) mother / nurse / amah / (Manchu) father
(coll.) aunt / maternal uncle's wife
(coll.) sanitary towel
"Madam" (affectionate term for an elderly woman) / CL:
effeminate / old-womanish / garrulous / fainthearted / overly careful / overly sensitive / maudlin
mama-san, middle-aged woman who runs a brothel, bar etc (loanword from Japanese) / madam
(vulgar) your mom's a prostitute (from Sichuan pronunciation of 媽賣屄|妈卖屄)
fuck! / motherfucker! / fucking
Nan Quan Mama, a Taiwanese Music Group
mom / mother (dialect)
(coll.) woman
(coll.) fussbudget / pain in the ass
fuck! / motherfucker! / fucking
variant of 媽咪|妈咪
motherfucker (loanword)
adoptive mother
fuck your mother (vulgar)
motherfucker (loanword)

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