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premium / award money / bonus
to reward / reward (as encouragement)
reward / prize / award
to overpraise / to flatter
  *奖* | 奖* | *奖
prize / award / encouragement / CL: 個|个
to draw a prize / a lottery / a raffle
to confer an award
medal / CL:
to win an award
to announce the winners in a lottery
first prize
award / prize / CL: 項|项
prize / award
to win a prize / a successful gamble
scholarship / CL: 筆|笔
trophy cup
rewards and penalties
lucky draw / lottery
to receive an award
award / prize
year-end bonus
prize certificate / certificate of merit
to determine the recipient of an award through discussion
medal (awarded as a prize)
silver medal
gold medal / first prize
Nobel Prize / abbr. for 諾貝爾獎|诺贝尔奖
Golden Globe Award
first prize
Golden Melody Awards
to praise / to applaud / to compliment
Nobel Prize
recipient of an award / prize winner
Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards
Nobel Prize in Literature
to win a prize
to award / commendation / citation
film award
(gambling) prize pool / jackpot
to award a prize
Nobel Prize in Physics
to award a prize
incentive travel
Academy Awards / Oscars / CL: 屆|届
to draw the winning ticket (in a lottery)
raffle or lottery ticket
Golden Bear, award at the Berlin International Film Festival
Pulitzer Prize
Nobel Peace Prize
Golden Lion, award at the Venice Film Festival
Hundred flowers film prize, awarded since 1962
(winner's) podium
Emmy Award
Grammy Award (US prize for music recording) / also written 葛萊美獎|葛莱美奖
Mao Dun Literature Prize, PRC prize for novel writing, awarded since 1982
Silver Bear, award at the Berlin International Film Festival
silver medal
MICE tourism (acronym for "meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions"), aka "meetings industry" or "events industry"
medal table / tally of trophies / list of prizewinners
incentive travel
consolation prize / booby prize
Turing Award
excellence award / merit award
Silver Lion, award at the Venice Film Festival
Fields Medal (for mathematics, approximate equivalent to Nobel Prize)
incentive / reward
to reward and promote
the Wolf prize (for science and arts)
Grammy Award (US prize for music recording) / also written 格萊美獎|格莱美奖
Special Jury Prize
signing bonus / sign-on bonus
Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought (awarded by EU since 1988)
to overpraise / You praise me too much!
Pulitzer Prize (Tw)
presidential award (received by university students in Taiwan for academic excellence)
a raffle (for charity)
the EU Sakharov Human Rights Prize
a good dog deserves a bone (idiom)
to reward and promote
booby prize / wooden spoon
Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, awarded by the European Parliament annually since 1988
the EU Sakharov prize for human rights

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