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to run quickly / to speed / to gallop
to rush about / to be constantly on the move
Benz (name) / Mercedes-Benz, German car maker
to run
Pentium (microprocessor by Intel)
(of waves) to surge forward / to roll on in waves / to gallop
  *奔* | 奔* | *奔
to hurry / to rush / to run quickly / to elope
  *奔* | 奔* | *奔
to go to / to head for / towards
  *奔* | 奔* | *奔
(used in given names) / variant of
  *奔* | 奔* | *奔
variant of / variant of
to rush to / to hurry to
to go straight to / to make a beeline for
to dash (run fast) / to rush / to dart
to elope
to streak (run naked)
to seek shelter / to seek asylum
to go separate ways (idiom) / to part ways with sb / Taiwan pr. [ge4 ben1 dong1 xi1]
(neologism) to meet sb in real life after forming a relationship online
long-range raid
to run / to rush about / to be on the go
sth to strive for / prospect
bold and unrestrained / untrammeled
lit. ten thousand stampeding horses (idiom) / fig. with great momentum / going full speed ahead
(idiom) terribly busy / up to one's ears in work
(literary) (swift like a) speeding horse
to flee / to run away
to be busy rushing about / to bustle about
to run this way and that (idiom); to rush about busily / to bustle about / to hopscotch / also 東跑西顛|东跑西颠
to run this way and that (idiom); to rush about busily / to bustle about
to hasten home for the funeral of a parent or grandparent
to spread the news (idiom)
to fly to the moon
to flow at great speed / to pour / racing current
Peloponnese (peninsula in southern Greece)
each goes his own way (idiom); each person has his own life to lead
to scatter in all directions
(slang) to get emotional
(of news etc) so thrilling that everyone is rejoicing and spreading the word (Internet slang) / acronym from 喜聞樂見|喜闻乐见, 大快人心, 普天同慶|普天同庆 and 奔走相告
to run away to / to flee
to run quickly / to rush / to gallop
to rush about on errands / to be kept on the run
to flee / to escape into exile
(of torrents) rush down / pour down
Pentium III microprocessor, abbr. for 奔騰三|奔腾三
to be pushing 30
the wolf runs and the wild boar rushes (idiom); crowds of evil-doers mill around like wild beasts
lit. Rushing Clan, generation born between 1975-1985 and China's most hedonistic and hard-working social group (netspeak)
to be pushing 40
Mercedes Benz / abbr. to 奔馳|奔驰
to pursue and attack a fleeing enemy
erhua variant of 奔頭|奔头
to attack from an unexpected direction

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