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erhua variant of 兩頭|两头
size / height / stature
erhua variant of 煙頭|烟头
erhua variant of 年頭|年头
to give a lead
start of the month (colloquial)
erhua variant of 料頭|料头
erhua variant of 奔頭|奔头
erhua variant of 迎頭|迎头
erhua variant of 挑頭|挑头
(coll.) the reward of one's efforts / the light at the end of the tunnel
leading figure / bigwig / lion / nabob / pooh-bah
handhold (to pull oneself up)
hothead / rash individual
erhua variant of 癮頭|瘾头
grass radical
erhua variant of 沒有勁頭|没有劲头

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