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  *大* | 大* | *大
big; large; great / older (than another person) / eldest (as in 大姐) / greatly; freely; fully / (dialect) father / (dialect) uncle (father's brother)
great / important / major / significant
to expand / to enlarge / to broaden one's scope
(of an area) vast or extensive / large-scale / widespread / (of people) numerous
huge; great; grand; worthy of the greatest admiration; important (contribution etc)
huge / immense / very large / tremendous / gigantic / enormous
huge / enormous / tremendous
to enlarge / to magnify
greatly / enormously / (dialect) dad / uncle
grand / majestic / magnificent
large / formidable / powerful / strong
cell phone (bulky, early-model one) / brick phone / mob boss
Canada / Canadian
tall; lofty; towering
exceptionally big
to increase (e.g. one's effort)
gargantuan / as big as the sky / enormous
the four elements: earth, water, fire, and wind (Buddhism) / the four freedoms: speaking out freely, airing views fully, holding great debates, and writing big-character posters, 大鳴大放|大鸣大放, 大辯論|大辩论, 大字報|大字报 (PRC)
(Chinese) National People's Congress (abbr. for 全國人民代表大會|全国人民代表大会) / Renmin University of China (abbr. for 中國人民大學|中国人民大学)
to grow up
maximum / enormous
abbr. for 師範大學|师范大学, normal university / teacher training college
to expand / to strengthen
Peking University (abbr. for 北京大學|北京大学)
old age / very / eldest child in a family / leader of a group / boss / captain of a boat / leader of a criminal gang
to enlarge / to amplify / to magnify
spacious / wide / lenient
Alexander (name) / Alexandria (town name)
greatest / most important
abbr. for 醫科大學|医科大学, university of medicine
splendid / magnificent / abbr. for 中國光大銀行|中国光大银行, China Everbright Bank
to develop and promote / to carry forward / to bring to great height of development
  *大* | 大* | *大
see 大夫
great / grand
(of a person) honorable; not devious / (of a behavior) fair and aboveboard; without tricks; openly / (of a situation) out in the open
enormous / broad / extensive
vast; huge
to save a little only to lose a lot (idiom)
Nanjing University, NJU (abbr. for 南京大學|南京大学)
daring / bold / audacious
swelling / enlargement / hypertrophy
big / huge / massive
(of clothes) baggy; loose / (of a person) fat; stout / (medicine) hypertrophy
to exaggerate
lucky (to have escaped death or serious injury)
evening college (abbr. for 夜大學|夜大学)
abbr. for 國民大會|国民大会, National Assembly of the Republic of China (extant during various periods between 1913 and 2005) / abbr. for 新加坡國立大學|新加坡国立大学, National University of Singapore (NUS) / abbr. for 印度國民大會黨|印度国民大会党, Indian National Congress (INC) / abbr. for 馬來西亞印度國民大會黨|马来西亚印度国民大会党, Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC)
Bogota, capital of Colombia
to possess great magical power / to possess remarkable abilities
tall and strong
abbr. for 聯合國大會|联合国大会, United Nations General Assembly / abbr. for 國立西南聯合大學|国立西南联合大学, National Southwest Combined University
abbr. for Jinan University 暨南大學|暨南大学
far-reaching / broad / ambitious / promising
Judas / Judah (son of Jacob)
part-time college (abbr. for 業餘大學|业余大学)
abbr. for 函授大學|函授大学, correspondence university
comparatively large
lit. Yelang thinks highly of itself (idiom) / fig. foolish conceit
ridiculous self-importance (idiom); arrogance
penny wise and pound foolish (idiom)
to think of oneself as terrific (idiom); arrogant
so big / such a big
Martha (biblical name)
African National Congress, ANC / abbr. for 非洲人國民大會|非洲人国民大会
worthless scholar / useless wretch
to have a big head / (fig.) to get a headache / one's head is swimming
how old? / how big? / how much? / so big / that much
not very / not too / not often
Fudan University, Shanghai, abbr. for 復旦大學|复旦大学
to raise (a child or animal)
to get mad; to be very angry
arrogant and conceited
(coll.) to feel as though one's head could explode (Tw)
There are three ways to be unfilial; having no sons is the worst. (citation from Mencius 孟子)
Chinese Communist Party 9th congress in 1969
China National People's Congress
the implications are profound / the ramifications are huge / (of a decision etc) consequential
Jiaotong University / University of Communications / abbr. of 交通大學|交通大学
minor projects eclipse major ones (idiom)
Bethsaida, settlement on the shore of the Sea of Galilee mentioned in the New Testament
arrogant; to put on airs / (business etc) to expand; to enlarge; to do sth on a big scale
abbr. for 全國人大會議|全国人大会议, National People's Congress (NPC)
to have a future full of promise
Beijing Normal University / abbr. for 北京師範大學|北京师范大学
eating comes first, then comes everything else (idiom) (Tw)
Columbia University (abbr.)
gene amplification
(jocular) to be under great pressure (a pun on 亞歷山大|亚历山大)
oversize (baggage, cargo etc)
magnanimous / considerate / thoughtful / able to think of everything that needs to be thought of
to be as kind and benevolent as heaven (idiom)
(coll.) to bring up / to rear / to raise
to put on airs / self-important / high and mighty
benign prostate hypertrophy / enlargement of prostate

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