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mainland China (reference to the PRC)
continent / mainland / CL: 個|个, 塊|块
continent of Europe
the New World / the Americas as opposed to the Old World 舊大陸|旧大陆 or Eurasia
the Americas / North and South American continents
subcontinent (e.g. the Indian subcontinent)
continental climate
Eurasian continent
continental shelf
the Old World / Eurasia as opposed to the New World 新大陸|新大陆 or the Americas
continental slope (boundary of continental shelf)
continental plates (geology)
continental drift
Eurasian land bridge (rail line linking China and Europe)
Eurasian hinterland (i.e. Central Asia including Xinjiang)
(in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao) girl from the mainland / (Tw) Fushan lettuce 福山萵苣|福山莴苣
(Tw) tourist from mainland China / illegal immigrant from mainland China
Pangea (geology)
Pangea or Pangaea
stationed on the continent (i.e. PRC)

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