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  *壶* | 壶* | *壶
pot / classifier for bottled liquid
kettle / canteen / watering can
teapot / CL:
coffee pot / coffee maker
Huguan county in Changzhi 長治|长治, Shanxi
pot of boiling water
jade pot for cold water / curling (sport) / curling puck
wine pot / wine cup
Huguan county in Changzhi 長治|长治, Shanxi
spray bottle
pelican / same as 鵜鶘|鹈鹕
practice medicine or pharmacy to help the people or public
kettlebell, girya
vacuum flask / thermos flask
electric kettle
snuff bottle
watering can / sprinkling can
ancient banquet game of throwing arrows into a pot, the winner determined by the number of arrows thrown in, and the loser required to drink as punishment
jade ice jug and autumn moon (idiom, from poem by Song writer Su Dongpo 蘇東坡|苏东坡); fig. spotless white and pure / flawless person
French press / press pot
lit. mention the pot that doesn't boil (idiom); to touch a sore spot / to talk about sb's weak point
fabled island in Eastern sea, abode of immortals / same as Penglai 蓬萊|蓬莱
chamber pot
water clock / clepsydra
to receive troops with food and drink (idiom) / to give troops a hearty welcome / also pr. [dan1 si4 hu2 jiang1]
bed urinal / chamber pot
French press / press pot
electric kettle (Tw)
a ceramic teapot
pelican / same as 鵜鶘|鹈鹕
coffee percolator
water container for an ink slab

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