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to clog up / blockage
to stop up / to close up / hard to get to / out of the way / inaccessible / unenlightened / blocking
  *塞* | 塞* | *塞
Serbia / Serbian / abbr. for 塞爾維亞|塞尔维亚
  *塞* | 塞* | *塞
to stop up / to squeeze in / to stuff / cork / stopper
  *塞* | 塞* | *塞
strategic pass / tactical border position
  *塞* | 塞* | *塞
to stop up / to stuff / to cope with
piston / valve
to block / to clog
earplug / earphone
stronghold / fort / fortification
(slang) wow! / also pr. [wa1 sei1]
variant of 擁塞|拥塞
myocardial infarction / heart attack
to muddle through / to fob sb off / to beat around the bush / to dodge
to stop / to block
to fill up / to cram / to stuff
a blocked nose
frontier fortress
wall plug / screw anchor
bottle cork / bottle stopper
to be clogged up / to be congested (traffic, computer network etc)
xi or ksi (Greek letter Ξξ)
Spencer or Spence (name)
road congestion / traffic jam
ice blockage / freezing of waterway
traffic jam
to be at a loss for words / speechless
to clog / to block / to obstruct
pulmonary embolism (medicine)
Ansai county in Yan'an 延安, Shaanxi
choked with silt / silted up
(coll.) to feel sick at heart / to feel stifled / to feel crushed
border fort, esp. defending narrow valley
blood obstruction
cerebral infarction
Massachusetts, US state
airlock / air block / fipple (in the mouthpiece of wind instrument)
to obstruct
congestion / to block / to congest / to crowd / to choke / to cram / to fill up / to stuff / to take up all the space
Sangiovese (grape type)
Dreiser (surname) / Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945), American writer
to repress / gloomy
surname Althusser / Louis Pierre Althusser 路易·皮埃爾·阿爾都塞|路易·皮埃尔·阿尔都塞 (1918-1990), Marxist philosopher
constricted (feeling) / oppressed
spark plug
Louis Pierre Althusser (1918-1990), Marxist philosopher
to stuff oneself with food

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