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  *塔* | 塔* | *塔
pagoda / tower / minaret / stupa (abbr. loanword from Sanskrit tapo) / CL:
  *塔* | 塔* | *塔
old variant of
Tahe county in Daxing'anling prefecture 大興安嶺地區|大兴安岭地区, Heilongjiang
tower (of building)
Tarbaghatay or Tacheng city in Tacheng prefecture 塔城地區|塔城地区, Xinjiang
pyramid (building or structure)
Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan
lighthouse / CL:
Santana (name)
iron tower
Kentucky, US state
tarot (loanword)
Yanta District of Xi’an 西安市, Shaanxi
tower crane
Natalie (name)
Shuangta district of Chaoyang city 朝陽市|朝阳市, Liaoning
Hongta district of Yuxi city 玉溪市, Yunnan
the Tarim Basin in southern Xinjiang
zeta (Greek letter Ζζ)
Tasmania (Tw)
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an
TV tower
Tarbaghatay wilayiti or Tacheng prefecture in Xinjiang
North tower / Beita district of Shaoyang city 邵陽市|邵阳市, Hunan
Tallinn, capital of Estonia
Tajik ethnic group / Tajikistan, former Soviet republic adjoining Xinjiang and Afghanistan
Astana, capital of Kazakhstan
Jinta county in Jiuquan 酒泉, Gansu
Leifeng Pagoda, by West Lake until it was destroyed (also from Madam White Snake)
control tower
Augusta (place name: capital of Maine, city in Georgia etc)
Catania, Sicily
Tarim Basin depression in southern Xinjiang
Hongta district of Yuxi city 玉溪市, Yunnan
spire / minaret
Small Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an
Tokyo Tower
memorial pagoda
Taxkorgan Tajik autonomous county (Tashqurqan Tajik aptonom nahiyisi) in Kashgar prefecture 喀什地區|喀什地区, west Xinjiang
Kumbum Monastery in Qinghai
rotating turret
Tower of Babel, in Genesis 11:5-foll.
ivory tower
glazed tile pagoda / glazed tower of minaret
TASS / Information Telegraph Agency of Russia
Guta district of Jinzhou city 錦州市|锦州市, Liaoning
spire / peak of a pagoda
Defense of the Ancients (DotA), video game
tower / CL:
Stacy (name)
Harstad (city in Norway)
Baita temple in Lanzhou 蘭州|兰州
sand grains accumulate to make a tower a tower (idiom); by gathering small amounts one gets a huge quantity / many a mickle makes a muckle
the timber pagoda of the Fogong Temple in Ying County, Shanxi, built in 1056 (Song dynasty)
iota (Greek letter Ιι)
Tahiti, island of the Society Islands group in French Polynesia
leaning tower
distillation tower / bubble tower / plate column
gun turret
Cantabria in north Spain
zeta (Greek letter Ζζ)
pita bread (Middle eastern flat bread) (loanword)
Gulf of Martaban, Myanmar (Burma)
Valletta, capital of Malta
Alberta province of Canada, capital Edmonton 埃德蒙頓|埃德蒙顿
cream of tartar / potassium bitartrate
Buddhist ornamentation decorating the upper story of a pagoda
Wushitala Hui village in Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture 巴音郭楞蒙古自治州, Xinjiang
Dakota Fanning, American actress
Tarbaghatay or Tacheng city in Tacheng prefecture 塔城地區|塔城地区, Xinjiang
Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar
multi-storied pagoda
tarot card / Tarouca
Netanyahu (name) / Benjamin Netanyahu (1949-), Israeli Likud politician, prime minister 1996-1999 and from 2009
toccata (music) (loanword)
Guantanamo, Cuba
Tatar ethnic group of Xinjiang
Ermitazh or Hermitage museum in St Peterburg
downward-facing dog (yoga pose)
immortal jellyfish (Turritopsis dohrnii)
Cantabria, Spanish autonomous region, capital Santander 桑坦德
Fatah, Palestinian organization
Alberta province of Canada, capital Edmonton 埃德蒙頓|埃德蒙顿 / also written 阿爾伯塔|阿尔伯塔
Bertelsmann, German media company
Tallahassee, capital of Florida
delta (Greek letter Δδ)
Kumutage (or Kumtag) Desert, northwestern China
tabun (loanword)
dice tower

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