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  *塊* | 塊* | *塊
lump (of earth) / chunk / piece / classifier for pieces of cloth, cake, soap etc / (coll.) classifier for money and currency units
module (in software) / functional unit / component part
block / segment / section / sector / area
cube / block / square / rectangle / diamond ♦ (in card games)
blockchain (computing)
one block / one piece / one (unit of money) / together / in the same place / in company
slab / (geology) tectonic plate / (fig.) sector (of the stock market or of industry) / (economic) bloc
printing block / section (of a newspaper) / board (of BBS or discussion forum)
ice cube / ice chunk
to cut into pieces
Tetris (video game)
stone / rock
Rubik's cube / magic cube
chicken nugget / chicken piece
library module
seed tuber
runner block / sliding block / slider (computer interface element)
a block / body of person or animal as a block
blood clot
heavy man / fat man / lunkhead / lummox / lug
to cut into cubes / to dice (vegetable)
erhua variant of 一塊|一块
size / body size
tectonic plate
swelling / growth / tumor / lump
many modules / multiblock
functional module
root tuber / tuberous root
on the rocks / with ice / iced
bouillon cube
patch / spot / (medicine) plaque
stem tuber
six pack (abdominal muscles)
modular unit
chunks obtained by repeatedly cutting a vegetable diagonally and rotating the vegetable after each cut
a gauge block (block for accurate measurement)
six-pack (abs)
module board
Chinese characters
ice cube tray
a mass / a body
gloom / a lump on the heart
body parts (of a mutilated corpse)
continental plates (geology)
building block
to chew on a large slab (idiom); a large mouthful is hard to chew / to tuck into a great meal
clot / blood clot
plate tectonics
truffle (edible root fungus)
lump coal
plate tectonics
Latin square (math. puzzle)
to use clay for a pillow (during mourning period)
modularity theory
erhua variant of 碎塊|碎块
bed of straw and pillow of clay (idiom) / the correct etiquette for a filial son during the mourning period
one yuan or less / around 80 cents or one dollar
global module
fuel pellets
divot (golf)
capsule / encapsulated unit (e.g. circuit board)
Rubik's cube / magic cube
(coll.) (usually used in the negative) (can't) hurt (to do sth) / (won't) hurt (to do sth)
interface module

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