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  *堵* | 堵* | *堵
to block up (a road, pipe etc) / to stop up (a hole) / (fig.) (of a person) choked up with anxiety or stress / wall (literary) / (classifier for walls)
to clog up / blockage
(of traffic) to become congested / congestion
traffic jam / (of traffic) to get congested
to block up
to blockade / to surround / to hem in
to block (a road) / to plug (a hole) / to stop up
to make people feel even more stressed or annoyed (coll.) / to make traffic congestion even worse
road congestion / traffic jam
to prevent / to combat / to counter
(literary) (colloquial term of the Six Dynasties period 六朝) this / (abbr. for 阿堵物) money
(literary) (euphemism) money (literally, "this thing")
(coll.) to catch an adulterous couple in the act
to stuff / to cram into
Chitu district of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan
to intercept and attack (military)
Chitu district of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan
traffic congestion fee
If you don't plug the small hole, the big hole will be hard to repair (idiom); A stitch in time saves nine.
A small hole not plugged will sink a great ship.
A small hole not plugged will make you suffer a big hole (idiom); A stitch in time saves nine.
a small hole not plugged will give you grief when it gets bigger (idiom) / a stitch in time saves nine

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