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castle / rook (chess piece)
  *堡* | 堡* | *堡
an earthwork / castle / position of defense / stronghold / used in place names, often as phonetic bao for "burg" or "bad"
  *堡* | 堡* | *堡
variant of 鋪|铺 / used in place names
Hamburg (German city)
hamburger (loanword)
Edinburgh, capital of Scotland
ancient castle
Saint Petersburg (city in Russia)
pillbox (military fortification) / blockhouse / euphemistic way of writing 屌爆
Nürnberg or Nuremberg, town in Bavaria, Germany
Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)
bridgehead (military) / stronghold serving as a base for advancing further into enemy territory / bridge tower (ornamental structure at either end of a bridge) / (fig.) gateway (place that provides access to other places beyond it) / bridgehead (key location serving as a base for further expansion)
Johannesburg, South Africa
Gothenburg (city in Sweden)
Limburg, Netherlands / Limbourg, Belgium
Magdeburg (German city)
bunker (underground fortification)
Istanbul (Tw)
Islamabad, capital of Pakistan
Brandenburg (e.g. gate, concertos)
Yekaterinburg (Russian city, also known as Ekaterinburg or Sverdlovsk)
Duisburg, city in the Ruhr 魯爾區|鲁尔区, Germany
Wubu County in Yulin 榆林, Shaanxi
Constantinople, capital of Byzantium
Württemberg, region of southwest Germany, former state around Stuttgart 斯圖加特|斯图加特
Hapsburg (European dynasty)
Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976), German physicist / also written 海森伯
Red Fort (historic building in Delhi, India)
Burger King Whopper
Sarpsborg (city in Østfold, Norway)
Petersburg (place name) / Saint Petersburg, Russia
Hexipu town in Yongchang county 永昌縣|永昌县, Jinchang 金昌, Gansu
beachhead (military)
Pressburg (Slovakia)
Kaposvár in southwest Hungary (German: Ruppertsburg), capital of Somogy county 紹莫吉州|绍莫吉州
David Attenborough (1926-), British naturalist and broadcaster, author of Life on Earth 地球上的生物
Ekaterinaburg or Ekaterinburg (formerly Sverdlovsk), Russian town on the Ural mountains
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Loughborough, English city
Hongsibao district of Wuzhong city 吳忠市|吴忠市, Ningxia
Attenborough (name) / David Attenborough (1926-), British naturalist and broadcaster, author of Life on Earth 地球上的生物
Gutenberg (name) / Johannes Gutenberg (c. 1400-1468), inventor in Europe of the printing press / Beno Gutenberg (1889-1960), German-born US seismologist, coinventor of the Richter magnitude scale
(until WWII) Königsberg, capital of East Prussia on the Baltic / (since WWII) Kaliningrad, Russian Republic
Williamsburg, Virginia
Heidelberg / also written 海德堡
Big Mac hamburger (Tw) (old) / now referred to (in Taiwan) as 大麥克|大麦克

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