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basic / fundamental / main / elementary
fundamental doctrine / guiding principle / raison d'être
fundamental principle
basis point (finance), abbr. to 基點|基点
basic concept
basic unit / fundamental building block
the Four Cardinal Principles enunciated by Deng Xiaoping 鄧小平|邓小平 in 1979: to uphold the socialist road, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the leadership of the CCP, and Maoism and Marxism-Leninism
fundamentally complete / basically finished
basic word
base rate (e.g. interest rate set by central bank)
fundamental theorem of calculus
fundamental theorem
elementary particle (particle physics)
basic multilingual plane (BMP)
basic necessity / fundamental need
Hong Kong Basic Law (in effect since the resumption of Chinese sovereignty in 1997)
fundamental theorem of algebra
fundamental theorem of algebra (every polynomial has a complex root)
fundamental civil rights
basic skills / fundamentals
basic law (constitutional document)
basically / on the whole
(math.) first fundamental form

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