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city / town / CL:
Liaocheng prefecture-level city in Shandong
Jincheng prefecture-level city in Shanxi 山西
Feicheng, county-level city in Tai'an 泰安, Shandong
Xiangcheng, county-level city in Zhoukou 周口, Henan
Yucheng, county-level city in Dezhou 德州, Shandong
Tongcheng, county-level city in Anqing 安慶|安庆, Anhui
Yongcheng, county-level city in Shangqiu 商丘, Henan
Suangcheng, county-level city in Harbin 哈爾濱|哈尔滨, Heilongjiang
subprovincial city (having independent economic status within a province)
Tucheng city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
Tarbaghatay or Tacheng city in Tacheng prefecture 塔城地區|塔城地区, Xinjiang
major city / metropolis
Yicheng, county-level city in Xiangfan 襄樊, Hubei
Xuancheng, prefecture-level city in Anhui
slow-paced town
Yingcheng, county-level city in Xiaogan 孝感, Hubei
tourist city
sustainable city (Tw)
Haicheng, county-level city in Anshan 鞍山, Liaoning
port city
Lucheng, county-level city in Changzhi 長治|长治, Shanxi
sustainable city
Baicheng prefecture-level city in Jilin province 吉林省 in northeast China
Xincheng, county-level city in Huludao 葫蘆島|葫芦岛, Liaoning
Gaocheng, county-level city in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei
Zhucheng, county-level city in Weifang 濰坊|潍坊, Shandong
Fengcheng, county-level city in Yichun 宜春, Jiangxi
Yuncheng, prefecture-level city in Shanxi 山西
Zoucheng, county-level city in Jining 濟寧|济宁, Shandong
Kaesong or Gaeseong city in southwest North Korea, close to the border with South Korea and a special economic zone for South Korean companies
Hancheng city in Shaanxi
Fengcheng, county-level city in Dandong 丹東|丹东, Liaoning
Yancheng, prefecture-level city in Jiangsu
Macheng, county-level city in Huanggang 黃岡|黄冈, Hubei

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