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dam / dike
Shapingba district of central Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
  *坝* | 坝* | *坝
dam / dike / embankment / CL: 條|条
Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture (Tibetan: rnga ba bod rigs cha'ng rigs rang skyong khul, formerly in Kham province of Tibet), northwest Sichuan, capital Barkam 馬爾康鎮|马尔康镇 / also Ngawa county
Pingba county in Anshun 安順|安顺, Guizhou
Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River
name of a place, Gezhouba Dam on the Changjiang River, in Sichuan
dam / dike
a sandbank / a sand bar
an arch dam
(dialect) courtyard
dam burst / collapse of dam
Xiangjiaba Dam, Yunnan, site of a hydropower station
Liuba County in Hanzhong 漢中|汉中, Shaanxi
Banbar county, Tibetan: Dpal 'bar rdzong, in Chamdo prefecture 昌都地區|昌都地区, Tibet
earth dam / dam of earth and rocks (as opposed to waterproof dam of clay or concrete)
Green Dam, content-control software (abbr. for 綠壩·花季護航|绿坝·花季护航)
a dam across a river
Yuanba district of Guangyuan city 廣元市|广元市, Sichuan
freezing blockage / dam of ice on river
the Aswan dam in south Egypt
former county from 1983 in Chamdo prefecture 昌都地區|昌都地区, Tibet / replaced by Qamdo, Zhag'yab and Jomdo counties in 1999
Zipingpu reservoir, Sichuan

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