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  *坐* | 坐* | *坐
to sit / to take a seat / to take (a bus, airplane etc) / to bear fruit / variant of
to ride (in a vehicle)
  *坐* | 坐* | *坐
surname Zuo
sit-up (physical exercise)
to sit in a circle / seated around (a narrator)
to sit upright
to sit in meditation / to meditate
to sit quietly / to meditate / to stage a sit-in
to sit cross-legged (as in the lotus position)
recoil (of a gun) / backlash
to be on an equal footing
to sit upright and still (idiom)
to sit on the ground or the floor (idiom)
to treat as guilty those associated with an offender (family, neighbors etc)
to sit around / to sit idly
to give up one's seat / to be seated
to sit astride / to ride
to sit together
to sit silently
soft seat (= first class in PRC trains)
to sentence the accuser (and free the falsely accused defendant)
to travel by / to ride on
to sit in the lotus position
to sit with legs dangling
sitting with one leg crossed (usu. of Bodhisattva)
crossed leg posture (usu. of Buddha)
to sit down

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