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address / CL: 個|个
website / web address / URL
mail address
ruins / historic relics
  *址* | 址* | *址
location / site / foundation of a building
  *址* | 址* | *址
foundation of a building (variant of ) / islet (variant of )
business address
to select a suitable site / site / location
former site / old location
to address / to search for address / to input data into memory
factory site / location
home address
original location
broadcast address
delivery address
destination address
email address
destination address / target address
webaddress / URL
foundation / footing / base / ruins (of a historical building)
addressable (computing) / accessible via an address
(computing) network address translation
absolute address (computing)
old site / site of sth (palace, ancient state etc) that no longer exists
address resolution protocol / ARP
relative address (computing)
Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) (telecommunications)
Banpo neolithic Yangshao culture archaeological site east of Xi'an 西安
Hemudu neolithic archaeological site near Ningbo 長江|长江 in Zhejiang, going back to c. 5000 BC
stack address (computing)
boundary (of a piece of land or territory)
ruins of capital city of King Helu of Wu, from 6th century BC, at modern Wuxi, Jiangsu
return address
multicast address / multistation address
ruins of Cherchen, Qarqan or Chiemo, archaeological site in Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture 巴音郭楞蒙古自治州, Xinjiang
uniform resource locator (URL), i.e. web address
source address

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