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  *圈* | 圈* | *圈
to confine / to lock up / to pen in
  *圈* | 圈* | *圈
pen (pig) / a fold
  *圈* | 圈* | *圈
circle / ring / loop / classifier for loops, orbits, laps of race etc / CL: 個|个 / to surround / to circle
trap / snare / trick
circle / ring / (social) circle
Moments (social networking function of smartphone app WeChat 微信)
commercial district / business district
aperture / diaphragm / halo / aureole
solenoid (electrical engineering) / coil
to draw a circle / cliques / circles
close circle / community / (esp.) the show business milieu
staking a claim to territory / enclosure
to muck out / to clean muck from a cowshed, pigsty etc
show business
biosphere / ecosphere
wireless (bra)
to mark a text with dots and circles / to punctuate
to spread litter in a cowshed, pigsty etc
washer (on bolt) / toilet seat
rim of the eye / eye socket
at symbol, @
hula hoop (loanword)
to rotate / to twirl / to run around / to encircle / rotation / (coll.) to speak indirectly / to beat about the bush
Arctic Circle
fan club
wheel rim / underwire (in a bra)
to go around one time / to do a circuit
jumping through hoops (as acrobatic show)
to rear (an animal) in an enclosure
Bayuquan District of Yingkou City 營口市|营口市, Liaoning
wreath / garland
spring washer
at symbol, @
rubber ring / gasket
ferrule / ring toss
(Internet slang) dazed / confused
vicious circle / (abnormal) phenomenon
onion ring
great circle (in spherical geometry)
bow-legged / bandy-legged
pigsty (lit. and fig.)
to go around in circles / to make a detour / (fig.) to beat about the bush
smoke ring
to scam / to set a trap / to set up a scheme to defraud people
ring around the moon / lunar halo / solar halo
remarkable (performance, achievement etc) / worthy of praise
pen / animal yard
annotations made in a book / fig. remarks and comments / to have an opinion on everything
Bayuquan district of Yingkou City 營口市|营口市, Liaoning
the earth's ocean / the hydrosphere (geology)
to be on the verge of tears
number of laps
collar (animal)
sphere of cultural influence
asthenosphere (geology)
(slang, jocular, neologism c. 2006, used esp. in relation to public figures) the things you and your friends get up to (misbehavior, scandals etc) leave me shaking my head
round frame of a sieve
line of latitude / parallel
induction coil / solenoid
to encircle / to go around / to circle / to beat about the bush
rushing to stake one's claim in new markets
(basketball) hoop / ring
to fall in a trap
Enclosure Movement
crop circle
line of latitude / parallel
to play mahjong
Rogowski coil
XO ("extra old"), grade of cognac quality
(planet) atmosphere / (medical) air ring / air cushion
Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, Japanese wartime slogan for their short-lived Pacific Empire, first enunciated by Prime Minister Prince KONOE Fumimaro 近衛文麿|近卫文麿 in 1938
line of longitude / meridian (geography)
asthenosphere (geology)
to overstep the norm / to go out of bounds
life buoy / life belt / (jocularly) flab / spare tire
swim ring / swim tube / (fig.) (coll.) spare tire (roll of fat around the waist)
government circle / political circle
a quarrel in which third parties get involved
erhua variant of 羅圈|罗圈
solenoid (electrical engineering) / coil
Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS)
to bow around with hands joined (to people on all sides)
hula hoop (loanword)
lithosphere (in geology, the rigid crust of the earth)
Stonehenge stone circle
dark circles (under one's eyes) / black eye

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