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  *团* | 团* | *团
round / lump / ball / to roll into a ball / to gather / regiment / group / society / classifier for a lump or a soft mass: wad (of paper), ball (of wool), cloud (of smoke)
  *团* | 团* | *团
to have a reunion
group / organization / team / CL: 個|个
to unite / unity / solidarity / united
group / bloc / corporation / conglomerate
group buying / collective buying / buying by a group of individuals who negotiate a discount for the group
dango (Japanese dumpling)
association / society / group / union / club / organization
to enroll in the Communist Youth League
brightly colored decorations (idiom) / splendid
diplomatic mission
large military unit / formation / corps / army
to reunite / to have a reunion
band / orchestra
radical (chemistry)
to form a group or delegation
regimental command / head of a delegation / group buy organizer; group-buying coordinator
to band together; to team up
rice ball (steamed rice formed into a ball and stuffed with various fillings) / onigiri (Japanese-style rice ball)
riddle / enigma / unpredictable situation / elusive matters
theatrical troupe
the Communist Youth League, abbr. for 共產主義青年團|共产主义青年团
party caucus
fireball; ball of fire
Tuanfeng county in Huanggang 黃岡|黄冈, Hubei
financial group
to unite as one
member / group member
functional group (chemistry)
praying mat (Buddhism, made of woven cattail)
corps / legion
doubts and suspicions / a maze of doubts / puzzle / mystery
circular fan
star cluster
to go round and round / running around in circles / fig. frantically busy
local militia formed to suppress peasant rebellion (old)
air mass
in a great mess / chaotic
(idiom) to keep on the right side of everyone (often at the expense of principle)
ball of string
(of a family) to come together at lunar New Year's Eve / family reunion at New Year's
pitch-black / (fig.) to be completely in the dark
pitch-dark / (fig.) completely in the dark; totally ignorant of / (fig.) grim; beyond salvation
Christian association / fellowship
tabletop role-playing game
rounded embroidery design
(video gaming) to eliminate an entire team / to get wiped out
(video gaming) to eliminate an entire team / to get wiped out
Meituan-Dianping, China's largest service-focused e-commerce platform
fighting group / by extension, a fight / a fray
team building (abbr. for 團隊建設|团队建设) / building camaraderie within the Chinese Communist Youth League 中國共產主義青年團|中国共产主义青年团
symphony orchestra
(old) member of local militia
Group of 77, loose alliance of developing countries, founded in 1964
Communist Youth League of China / China Youth League
delegation / CL: 個|个
inspection team
to huddle together / to curl up
the Macartney mission to Qing China in 1793
a chaotic mess
chaos / bungle / complete mess / shambles
G7, the group of 7 industrialized countries: US, Japan, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Canada (now G8, including Russia)
G7, the group of 7 industrialized countries: US, Japan, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Canada (now G8, including Russia)
Pleiades M45
Samsung Group
Sanlu Group, Chinese state-owned dairy products company involved in the 2008 melamine poisoning scandal
Shanghai Media Group
Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC)
China National Petroleum Corporation
China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC)
China Ship Scientific Research Center (CSSRC)
people's organization (e.g. labor unions, peasant associations, scholarly associations etc) / mass organization
human smuggling syndicate / snakehead gang
business conglomerate
a diplomatic group / a delegation
peace keeping group
a mission (group of missionaries)
inner cell mass (ICM)
G8 (group of eight major industrialized nations)
public organization
the Communist Youth League
interest group
functional group (chemistry)
Delta Asia Financial Group (Macau)
chorus / choir
peer group
Shangke Corporation, PRC IT company (since 1994)
ad hoc group (tour group with a customized itinerary)
(criminal) gang / gang member / accomplice / crony
unity is strength (revolutionary slogan and popular song of 1943)
Solidarity (Polish worker's union)

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